Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sundays with Sam - The Sunday Post

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My Week in Review

Look at us! Halfway through August. I am surprised at how quickly time is flying considering I don't do much. I have tomorrow off and will mostly use it to catch up on reviews. I am so good about reading the books, but I have been in the habit of putting off the reviews. 
I am venturing out to a party today. It's a yard party, which I thought was going to be small, but apparently my sister and I have a different idea of what small is. We are celebrating her 50th birthday, and she is sad that many of her friends were excluded, but there's still going to be 40-ish people there. I am both excited and nervous, but glad the forecast looks good. 

I don't know if I mentioned that we have fireworks in Animal Crossing for the month of August. It's actually a lot of fun, and you can design your own fireworks. My daughter sent me this. 

Yeah, I got a bit warm and fuzzy from that one. I used my flag design, so I had Sloth gracing my sky. 

I also saw a post from Angie Thomas, and she put her book covers up in her sky. It was very cool. Look quick in the beginning for The Hate You Give

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I know some bloggers are all about getting bookmail, but I am all about those unsolicited widgets that wind up in my inbox. When the new Sophie Gonzales showed up in my email, I was ecstatic. Then, moments later, I received notification that I was approved for Sandhya Menon's adult contemporary romance.

What I Read Last Week

This was a rather exciting week, because I was reading some of my most anticipated releases, and they did not disappoint. Both Reynolds and Philippe escaped the sophomore slump. I absolutely adored their new releases. Warning - be prepared to shed some tears when you read Early Departures. It made me want to hug all those people who matter to me. *GROUP HUG*

I was also bowled over by Emmie Blue. My heart just kept breaking for her, but it was worth the pain. Now, this is what I call up-lit. Lauren Layne came back strong with her latest too. I was charmed to death by Yours to Keep


What I Am Currently Reading

I had avoided Splendor, because it was a departure from Henry's previous books, and the reviews were "meh". Then I think I saw AJ talk about it, and the audiobook was available, so, why not! It's really good. I am not a huge sci-fi reader, but this had a cool X-Files kind of vibe, and the group of kid alien hunters is pretty great. 

The Roommate is hilarious so far. My goodness! Some of the things that come out of that man's mouth. Hopefully it stays this funny. 

What I Plan to Read

How was your week?
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  1. 2020 is both the longest and shortest year. December is right around the corner which makes me both happy and sad?

    I hope the party went well and wasn't too anxiety inducing!

    And yesss the humor in The Roommate. Let us never forget Clara neatly writing "naked" on a pad of paper because she's a professional.