We Live and Breathe Books is a blog primarily dedicated to reviewing books, founded in May 2013. All of our reviews are 100% honest, regardless of how the book was obtained. Since this is a group blog, we like to mix in some posts where more than one of us review the same book. Continue reading for more information about us!

The Founders: WLABB's Angels

WLABB’s Angels (Amrutha, Kiersten, and Noor) founded WLABB in high school. Since then, their interests have shifted and they don’t blog quite as much; however, you still might see a post come through from one of them every so often.

 WLABB's Head Blogger

Greetings! I am Sam, (Sam I am) and I am thrilled to be a contributor for WLABB. An avid reader and science nerd, I would describe myself as a fiction lover. I do tend to read a lot of contemporary romances, but I also like to mix it up. I also love discussing books in reader groups and on Instagram.

Books I adore and add to my favorites shelf are those that make me feel deeply. My best reviews are written though tears, and I LOVE IT!