Friday, August 7, 2020

Five Star Friday: July 2020

On the first Friday of each month, I will share my five-star reads from the previous month. Fingers crossed, I have lots of books to tell you about. I managed to finish 39 books in July, and a whopping 5 earned all the stars. 

I won't pretend this book didn't wreck me, because it did. I cried so many tears as I listened to this book. It was absolutely heartbreaking. But therein lies the beauty as well. Lydia's grieving process was far from ordinary, taking me into both worlds, the awake and the asleep, gave me a rather full picture of her process and also, what she lost. 

This book was really a sum of its parts for me. It was the characters, the story, the romance, and everything else, which all added up to something amazing. I wore a stupid happy grin on my face as I read this book, and was grateful for the way it lifted my spirits. Overall, this was a warm, wonderful, and musical experience.

I had an incredible time reading this book. I loved the characters, the settings, the antics, and the romance. McKinlay did an incredible job taking me on this journey and it was wonderful to see Chelsea rediscover herself and reclaim her life.

All Our Worst Ideas

Vicky Skinner

It was the combination of music, friendship, drama, and romance which endeared this book to my heart. It was being able to accompany Amy and Oliver on their personal journeys, as well as getting the opportunity to see them slowly fall in love. And as if that wasn't enough, Skinner gave me everything I needed with that ending. Thank you! Thank you, Vicky Skinner! All Our Worst Ideas filled my head with music and my heart with joy.

Forest has done it again! She wrote another stupendous book, which left me with an ear-to-ear smile. Once I started this book, I couldn't stop until I got to that ending that made me say "awww" out loud. Just like with her debut, Forest crafted a wonderful and heartwarming story filled with friends, family, and feels.

Did you have any five-star reads last month? 
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