Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sundays with Sam - The Sunday Post

Sundays with Sam is a combination of Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

My Week in Review

*sigh* It's been a week. Just trying to have some hope and listen. 

I picked my winner for our 7th Blogiversary giveaway. Congratulations to Czai! And, thank you to everyone, who celebrated with us. 

In my imaginary Animal Crossing life, I had much success. I got my 5-star rating by cramming lots of stuff on my island. 

I caught a lot of big fish, though, I failed, once again, at capturing a scorpion. It got me! 

Kiersten came to visit yesterday. We always play and stay on the phone, so we had a nice catch-up. It's been a while, so it was time well spent. 

Let's Discuss!
  • Malka and Chana are boosting black voices in the community
  • Olivia is hosting a chit chat - re: Black Lives Matter
  • Margaret is sharing books by queer black authors

On the Blog:


What I Read Last Week

This was an interesting reading week. I am most excited that Tanya and I are reading the same backlog book. I am also hoping she likes the book (I did). The new Cuba book from Chanel Cleeton was fabulous. I know, I don't usually gush about historical fiction, but I love this series. The Falling in Love Montage was another favorite. My best of the bunch was actually an audiobook - This is Our Story. I checked it out, because I loved Elston's 10 Blind Dates. It's nothing like that book, but I was so engrossed in the story, and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. 


What I Am Currently Reading

What I Plan to Read

How was your week?
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