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Review: I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella

I've Got Your Number
Sophie Kinsella
Series: N/A
Genre: Chick Lit, Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Word Rating: Delightful
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Hi guys! Since I have been busy playing internet games and not reading, this week I needed to delve into my library of already read books. I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella is actually one of her best books - although, unfortunately not as good as Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Nevertheless. Kinsella came back strong with this sassy and quick read: it's a chill chick lit novel and is pretty clever too!

So this novel is about Poppy, who is recently engaged. She has just lost her fiancee's family heirloom engagement ring (that's how you know something crazy is going to go down). She also, loses her
phone. So what does she do? She picks a phone out of the trash and tells everyone she sees to call that number if they find her ring. Turns out, the phone is the perfect man's assistant's phone: Sam Roxton.

After Poppy uses her adorable charm to convince Sam to let her keep the phone, they began corresponding in sassy emails and texts. Their friendship is so refreshing because there's no weird flirting that goes on while she's in a relationship. I personally think that shows a lot of class, and I love that Kinsella chose to do it that way.

Poppy is charming, and although she is a little ditzy at times, she's cute about it. The real reason I loved her character so much is because when she is faced with a problem, she freaks out a little, like any normal person would - she's not the heroine who comes out of nowhere, she struggles to find her path, but she always finds it. Plus, she's a little bit of a stalker (not in the creepy way, in the helpful "I found stuff that can help you" way) - it's actually kind of endearing after we get over the strangeness of it.

We can't forget how absolutely adorable Sam is: he helps Poppy out with Scrabble, has cool connects in the fake jewelry world, and is just a stressed out guy. He's fabulous, he ROX(ton).

Before I give away too much of this book (which I always seem to do when talking about books I really enjoyed) I'll end this here. Sophie Kinsella is witty and charming and I have endless amounts of love for her: if you are looking for a light romance/funny novel to read, this is it.

- Amrutha

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