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Review: Dream Girl - S.J. Lomas

Dream Girl
S.J. Lomas
Series: N/A
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Word Rating: No.
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I'm giving two stars for what I've read so far (around a hundred, hundred-fifty pages), but I'm sorry. I can't anymore. I can't finish this nonsense.

This book has secret agents, a boy that has a bad reputation, and for goodness sake, dream travel. How do you go wrong with that?

When Gabriel and Christine meet, they simply fall into each other's 'electrifying' eyes. That's it. No development. What the hell is with Romance these days thinking that love at first sight happens so freaking often? I understand if they found each other attractive but Christine acts like this is Prince Charming + Flynn Rider without knowing him . . . I just can't. Furthermore, she dumps her friends that she's known since forever for this guy she's just met and SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THE ROMANCE INDUSTRY THAT THIS ISN'T INDICATIVE OF A HAPPY OR HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IT'S ACTUALLY JUST INSANE. Putting aside the endless list of other illogical things she does, of course.

Like, Jace and Clary from TMI have a fantastic instant connection, that actually is relevant to the plot overall and has ties to not only their character development, but pretty much everyone in the main cast. Alec opens himself up, Simon goes through just about every character phase ever, etc. That's a sensible insta-love. This is not.

I won't bother you with quotes from the book, as the writing itself is mildly irritating. Especially the narration . . . there was hardly a distinction between Gabriel and Christine's points of view. While I understand that there are effeminate males, myself being one, Gabriel doesn't come off as that . . . he's basically a girl with lots of muscles but Christine thinks he's adherent to a few boy stereotypes. Did the author consult any guys before writing in this perspective? It furthermore makes him unrelateable (not that Christine is any better what with acting like she's a more selfish and far older version of Bella). He's a bloody librarian, he has to be at least bookish, or strange or something, don't fit characters into social conventions that you don't understand dammit.

I can't even with the plot . . . halfway through and I literally had no idea what was going on. They'd gone into the woods, he wrote her letters about his dreams (after seeing her once) and worked up the courage to just ask her to read them (little bitch) and then some random bs: a top secret government agency gets involved and at that point, the plot just fell apart and I gave up.

- Marlon

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  1. You can give a negative critique still, but with kind words! Writing a book aint a walk in the park