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Love, Naturally
 by Sophie Sullivan
Published by St. Martin's Griffin on January 16, 2024
Age/Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Presley Ayers is not the woman you bring on a camping trip. An accomplished concierge at an exclusive hotel in Great Falls, MI, she knows more about the top ten places for champagne and caviar than she does about the best hiking boots to go stomping around near Lake Michigan. But when she surprises her boyfriend of eight months with a vacation to the Get Lost Lodge and he dumps her instead, Presley decides to rough it solo and take the trip herself.

When Beckett Keller helps the gorgeous woman off the rickety boat and onto Lodge territory, it’s clear she’s made a mistake. She doesn’t like hiking, fishing, or nature in general, so why did she go on this trip?―but he’s got other things on his mind. A crumbling lodge, and his own plans and dreams that are forever deferred―so he doesn’t have time for Ms. Fish-Out-of-Water. But neither Beckett or Presley can help that inexplicable draw they feel towards each other. He’s all rough stubble and plaid shirts, while she’s all high heels and brand-name athleisurewear.

But you know what they say about opposites.

A charming opposites-attract romance, Love, Naturally is for anyone who ever stepped outside their comfort zone and found that all the best things can happen when you take a chance.

After planning a trip for her boyfriend, Presley ends up taking it alone. This may be the blessing in disguise that may lead to her finding herself and her happy ending.

This was a fun and sweet romance with a huge family focus and a great personal journey for Presley. At the start of this tale, Presley was bending over backwards for a man who didn't have much to offer her emotionally or romantically. She let a lot slide because she had this plan in her head. But her eyes were opened wide, and I was cheering when she left him behind to take the trip she had planned. Once she arrived at Get Lost, Presley quickly found her place somewhere she normally would have never fit.

This was because of Beckett and his incredible family. Beckett, his sister, and his brother were struggling, but making an honest attempt to get the lodge up and running. They quickly embraced Presley and her vast hospitality knowledge. It was so wonderful the way everyone so easily fit together. Beckett and his siblings had this amazing bond, and along with his niece Ollie and some of the other lodgers, they formed a wonder and welcoming place for Presley.

This warmed my heart because Presley was an only child whose parents raised her to be very independent. Read - they left her to own devices a lot. Here, she was cared for, and it was about time because she was constantly putting others first. One person who enjoyed caring for Presley was Beckett. He and Presley developed a fauxmance, and we all know how those things go. I can't say I wasn't cheering for this couple because I totally was. It was just too easy to want them together.

Overall, this was an utter delight! A wonderful setting coupled with a fabulous cast of characters made this a winner for me.

 by Marina Adair
Published by Kensington Publishing on October 25, 2022
Age/Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

In a witty modern twist on How Stella Got Her Groove Back, New York Times bestselling author Marina Adair blends the fun of falling in love with a thoughtful and heartfelt exploration of modern family dynamics when two former teenage crushes reunite unexpectedly for a second chance at love. Complicated and steamy, Situationship shines a light on romantic and family relationships that don’t easily fit into any box.

The sand and surf of California’s coastal Pacific Cove is the charming backdrop for New York Times bestselling author Marina Adair’s fun and sexy novel about getting back on track after life makes a sharp left turn—and finding you’ve arrived in just the right place to get back your mojo . . .

Teagan Bianchi has survived a road trip with rambunctious toddler twins and a large mutt named Garbage Disposal. She clings to a tattered scrap of hope that moving into her late grandmother’s house is the best way to repair her failing business—and the sad shreds of her life—after the man who promised her forever lost everything they had. But she’s barely arrived when she finds herself face to face with her teenage crush, now an irresistible man—who still happens to live next door . . .

Veterinarian Colin West is closer to being an empty nester than a soccer dad. His marriage lasted only long enough to give him his beloved daughter, and he has no regrets. But as she readies for college, Colin contemplates his own future—which is, of course, exactly when his past shows up, as gorgeous as ever, and twice as fascinating. But Teagan torpedoed his plans once before. Is he crazy to consider letting her into his life again? Is Teagan ready to admit what she’s really afraid of? Could this unexpected “situationship” be forever?

I had a lot of fun reading Situationship. There were several great storylines, and I thought Adair tied them together in a great way.

Teagan was returning to her childhood home following her divorce. After her husband lost her home and business, she had to start over. I adore a comeback story, and I was cheering Teagan on as she attempted to get the bread business back up and running while also building a new home for her and her twin daughters. Though Teagan was not initially happy to find her sister in her new home, it ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Harley and Teagan did not have a similar upbringing as Teagan was raised by their mom and Harley was raised by their dad. Though Harley's early life lacked roots, it seemed that she was ready for something solid and stable, though it scared her. I loved seeing her bond with her nieces and  the way she was able to share her business talent with her sister. I also really liked how she grew to want more for herself and worked to rebuild that bond of sisterhood with Teagan.

There was also a second chance romance in there. Teagan had dated the boy next door as a teen. Almost twenty years later, they may be ready to embark on forever together. I live for stuff like this, and Teagan and Colin were such a wonderful couple. It was a treat seeing those sparks fly and rooting for them to find their way back to each other.

Overall, this was a wonderful story of family, love, and starting over that was lots of fun.

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  1. Presley sounds really wonderful, and I'm glad she finally took charge and stopped catering to someone who wouldn't treat her the same way.

    1. I related to Presley in many ways, so I was really proud of her and all the progress she made on herself.

  2. Situationship sounds like a good one. I like a story of a character starting over and it seems like that happened twice here - both with the sisters and the romance. Lovely reviews, Sam!

    1. It was cute. That's how I felt about Adair's other books. It hit the spot and had a lot of elements that delight me. Well, heck, I should have called this the starting over edition

  3. I love books with great family relationship! Probably because I am an only child and have always missed that!

    1. Siblings can have complicated relationships, but it's nice to know you have some built in support