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Five on My TBR - Titles Starting with "M"

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Titles Starting with "M"

I love any opportunity to feature more books and found this meme an interesting way to take a look at my TBR. I hope to also get some feedback from you. Should I keep these books on my TBR? Should I push them up the list? Without further ado, below are five books with titles that start with "M". 

Magical Meet Cute
 by Jean Meltzer
Is he the real deal…or did she truly summon a golem?

Faye Kaplan used to be engaged. She also used to have a successful legal practice. But she much prefers her new life as a potter in Woodstock, New York. The only thing missing is the perfect guy.

Not that she needs one. She’s definitely happy alone.

That is, until she finds her town papered with anti-Semitic flyers after yet another failed singles event at the synagogue. Desperate for comfort, Faye drunkenly turns to the only thing guaranteed to soothe her—pottery. A golem protector is just what her town needs…and adding all the little details to make him her ideal man can’t hurt, right?

When a seriously hot stranger mysteriously turns up the next day, Greg seems too good to be true—if you ignore the fact that Faye hit him with her bike. And that he subsequently lost his memory…

But otherwise, the man checks Every. Single. Box. Causing Faye to wonder if Greg’s sudden and spicy appearance might be anything but a coincidence.

Malibu Summer
 by Libby Gill
Ivy Bauer is a young, bright environmental scientist, PhD candidate, and inventor of a game-changing organic irrigation system. She’s on top of the world when, suddenly, her husband is killed in a biking accident. Needing space to grieve, she takes a summer job as a gardener in Malibu.

Conrad Reed is a wealthy Hollywood has-been who, after the death of his young wife, feels overwhelmed by the care of his rambunctious stepson Hudson, massive beach estate, and deteriorating career. Enter Ivy with her gig as gardener-for-the-summer, who—he hopes—will help take at least one thing off his plate. But the bossy, opinionated Ivy isn’t making things any easier for him. When she starts cutting back his late wife’s prized rose bushes to plant indigenous grasses, sparks fly between these two uber-driven people—and not the good kind of sparks.

It’s when Ivy finds the key to Hudson’s heart that Conrad’s own heart begins to melt as well. . . and then the sparks that fly are the ones that kindle the best kind of love affair. . .

Meet Me in Tahiti
 by Georgia Toffolo
Where there’s always a second chance at first love…

Zoe has spent her life facing battles: fighting her parents for independence, struggling with her feelings for local bad boy Finn and, after a car accident at eighteen, adjusting to the fact she would not walk again. She remained strong until the day Finn, the person she thought she could trust, broke her heart… Now a successful travel writer, Zoe is excited to review a new luxury hotel in the beautiful South Pacific – until she meets its owner…

Finn was never good enough for Zoe. He knew it. Zoe’s family knew it. The village of Hawkes Cove made sure he knew it. Proven when he let her down in the worst way possible. Now a successful businessman, he thought his past was behind him, until a journalist turns up to review his new resort…

As Finn shows Zoe the exotic wonders of the islands both face the fact their shared past might just be the beginning of a future. But only if Zoe can win the biggest battle of her life…facing up to her heart’s desire.

Mistakes We Never Made
 by Hannah Brown
An epic coastal road-trip gives two lifelong rivals a second chance at love in this debut novel from The Bachelorette star and New York Times bestselling author Hannah Brown.

Two former debate team champions who almost fell in love years ago are now stuck together on one wild wedding weekend. When bridesmaid Emma first sees groomsman Finn, she's reminded of all the mistakes she almost made with him—the date, the party, the kiss, that one night on the rooftop in New York. Each ended in heartbreak, and she would have been happy never to see Finn again.

But when the bride runs away, and both Emma and Finn are tasked with bringing her home in time to walk down the aisle, they end up on a whirlwind road trip down memory lane... and might just fall in love along the way.

Perfect for fans of Emily Henry, MISTAKES WE NEVER MADE reminds us it’s never too late to risk falling in love, because being true to your heart is never a mistake.

Mrs. Quinn's Rise to Fame
 by Olivia Ford
A huge-hearted, redemptive coming-of-old-age tale, a love story, and an ode to good food

Nothing could be more out of character, but after fifty-nine years of marriage, as her husband Bernard’s health declines, and her friends' lives become focused on their grandchildren—which Jenny never had—Jenny decides she wants a little something for herself. So she secretly applies to be a contestant on the prime-time TV show Britain Bakes.

Whisked into an unfamiliar world of cameras and timed challenges, Jenny delights in a new-found independence. But that independence, and the stress of the competition, starts to unearth memories buried decades ago. Chocolate teacakes remind her of a furtive errand involving a wedding ring; sugared doughnuts call up a stranger’s kind act; a simple cottage loaf brings back the moment her life changed forever.

With her baking star rising, Jenny struggles to keep a lid on that first secret—a long-concealed deceit that threatens to shatter the very foundations of her marriage. It’s the only time in six decades that she’s kept something from Bernard. By putting herself in the limelight, has Jenny created a recipe for disaster?

What "M" books are on your TBR?
Let us know in the comments!


  1. This is a fun and different way to think about tackling my TBR! Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan has been on my shelf for years, so it may be time to dive in!

    1. I only know the Goon Squad by her, but this is definitely an exercise that gets me looking at the TBR which can sometimes be forgotten.

  2. I was surprised to find that I don't have any "m" titles on my upcoming reads list.

    1. I cannot say it's a letter I have a ton of, but I do manage to find some each year.

  3. I haven't heard of any of these but they all have very cute and colourful summery covers 😍 So pretty!

    1. Two have been published, but the others are not out there yet.

  4. I haven't read any of these but I'd say keep Magical Meet Cute purely from the magic coming off that cover LOL

    1. The word magic does come with lots of promises. I have enjoyed other books by the author as well. Good choice for me

  5. You always share such good books! I'm immediately adding Mrs Quinn's Rise To Fame, it sounds so heartwarming x

    1. That one got put on my radar by Jen Ryland Reviews. I have no idea how I missed it because it's very me, but I was happy to find it on her IG.

  6. Midnight is the Darkest Hour is one M book I found on my TBR!

    1. I DNFed one book by that author, but it wasn't the writing that made me do it. This is a different genre too. I hope you get it off the TBR one of these days.

  7. This is such a fun way to look back at TBRs!
    Thanks for putting Mistakes We Never Made on my radar. It sounds like something I'd like to got through and it's partly reassuring that they mentioned it's for fans of Emily Henry!

    1. I do get nervous with comparisons, but Mistakes does sound great. Hope we both get a chance to check it ou

  8. I've not ready any of these but as soon as I saw Malibu Summer it made me think of Malibu Rising by TJR. I loved that one.

    1. It must be a Malibu thing. HA! I haven't read Malibu Rising. I am still on the fence, but I have enjoyed the other books I read by TJR