Friday, September 4, 2020

Five Star Friday: August 2020

On the first Friday of each month, I will share my five-star reads from the previous month. Fingers crossed, I have lots of books to tell you about. I know 2020 has taken a lot from us, but I am still reading so many good books. I finished 41 books last month, and a whopping 8 earned all the stars. It's also interesting that 5 of these are new-to-me-authors, and I am positive that I will be reading more of their work. August was a good reading month. I found so many books that made me smile and left me warm and fuzzy, and for that, I am grateful. 
The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

Dan Gemeinhart

I knew this book would touch my heart, but it also filled it with so much joy. Coyote and her dad had been, more or less, running from their pain after losing her mom and sisters in a car accident. They assumed new names and made a mobile home out of a bus, but the time had arrived for them to work through their emotions. It was a heartbreaking, beautiful, and yes, a remarkable journey. 

Bear Necessity

James Gould-Bourn

This was such a touching and humorous story about a father trying keep it all together and connect with his son after his wife dies in a car accident. Dad was so clueless, but he was trying. The premise was sort of odd, but worked so well in this situation, and I felt SO MUCH! Gould-Bourn strummed on my heartstrings and it was a joy to watch this father and son find a connection while they worked through their grief. Absolutely loved it!

Charming as a Verb

Ben Philippe

Ben Philippe does it again! His debut sits on my favorites shelf, because he is a master of crafting characters who delight me and make me want to know them. Henri definitely lived up to the title of this book as he charmed the pants off me. I adored him, his family, his friends, the dogs -- I had an amazing time being part of his world. 

Dear Emmie Blue

Lia Louis

I randomly checked this book out of the library, and BOY! was I glad I did. It was such a lovely emotional roller coaster for me. I laughed and shed tears as I watched Emmie's heart break, but not to fear. This was true Up-Lit, and though her life hit a low-point, it also was on the up-swing. My tears were replaced by glee and joy, and I just felt so wonderful after I read this book. 

Early Departures

Justin A. Reynolds

Reynolds is another author, who knocked me out with his debut. That winning combination of humor, emotion, and a touch of fantasy are back in this book, and the result was nothing short of wonderful. This is a tale about loving out loud and treasuring every moment. It's easy to think you always have more time. and this book was a really heartfelt reminder to not put those moments off. It was about love, "family", second chances, and seizing the day. Maybe I am a bit sappy, but I was I was touched by this story.

Making Friends with Alice Dyson

Poppy Nwosu

I was annihilated by this book. It quietly came and hit me right in the feels, and I absolutely welcomed every second of it. Nwosu told a beautiful and moving story of friendship and love. She crafted two remarkable characters, whom I am overjoyed to have met and I adored rooting for. She gets extra points for tying the story up so well too. I basked in the glory of that ending for days. 

Dating Makes Perfect

Pintip Dunn

I came for a fun fake-dating rom-com type book, and I got that and much, much more. I loved the romance, the family ties, the infusion of Thai culture. It was all combined in such a wonderful way. The book was fun, super cute, and so sweet. I believe my face broke in half from the big smile I couldn't stop sporting. This one goes in the as-good-as-a-puppy-pile list, because it left me elated, full of glee, and warm and fuzzy.

The Brave

James Bird

I found Collin's journey so touching. Before, he was living in California with his ill-equipped father and had little support. He was relentlessly singled out for his neurodiversity and considered himself "broken". The best thing to happen to Collin was being sent to live with the mother he never knew. She brought him into a whole new way of thinking and seeing the world. She lavished him with love and lessons, like a mother should, and I absolutely adored her. On the reservation, Collin had a great support system. Mom, Orenda, Foxy, Grandma, Ronnie -- they were all spectacular and I felt the warmth and love they exuded. I shed a lot of tears as I read this book, but I also found myself very proud of Collin as he embraced his new surroundings and worked to accept himself.

Did you have any five-star reads last month? 
Let us know in the comments!

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