Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sundays with Sam - The Sunday Post

Sundays with Sam is a combination of Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

My Week in Review

If the fall weather has not arrived in your part of the world, I'm sorry, because it has been glorious here! I do wish the temperature changes were more gradual though. It went from 80s to 60s, skipping that long sleeve-no-jacket weather. Still, super happy with the weather. 

I have to work every day next week, because we have some training every day. I have no idea what it's about, but I'll be there. I was asked to work on a something with one of my old supervisors too, so I get to train on another new function. That training is coming up too, but not sure when. By the end of my work from home stint I will have learned about many different areas at my company. 

This is my kinda dog

No milk for you!

This post was going around Twitter the other day, and it is truly heartwarming. I sent it to my daughter, and it made her think of her youth soccer coach (she lasted one season), who tried so hard to help her score a goal (she was only one who didn't). It's been almost 18 years since she was on his team, and I thought it was really beautiful that she had such a nice memory of him. (He really was a lovely man)

Let's Discuss!
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  • Kristen wants reading to be fun again
  • Amber outlines what makes a 5-star for her

On the Blog:
  • Monday: #AmReading YA - Furia, Who I Was With Her
  • Tuesday: TTT - Hey Girl!
  • Wednesday: CWW - Love & Olives, Screen Queens
  • Thursday: Isn't It Romantic - Mistletoe & Mr. Right, The Roommate


It was a week of wonderful approvals! Hand's book is one of my most anticipated books of 2021. Her books are just amazing. I am very excited to read more by Brown and Winters too, as I really enjoyed their previous releases. I am excited to return to Rome with Adair, and it's always fun to read something by Callihan. One that was quite out of character for me, Lycanthropy and Other Chronic Illnesses, just sounded too fabulous to resist clicking. 

What I Read Last Week

One Way or Another was easily my favorite this week. It was a fun rom-com with an ending that had me smiling my face off. It takes place over the Christmas holiday too, and it filled me with some cheer. 



What I Am Currently Reading

Backman never fails to make me shed tears. I love the way he let's his stories unfold, because when those reveals come, they really pack a punch. 

What I Plan to Read

How was your week?
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