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Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Here at We Live and Breathe Books, two of us choose five books each week. This week's topic is...

Facts about me!
Because the topic is facts about us, three of us decided to do ten facts because getting to know us is fun.

Kiersten's Facts

I'm mad that I put myself first for these facts but read everyone else's before I wrote mine because now I feel like there's so much pressure to have actually interesting facts but I'm not good at thinking of them. I'll do my best.
  1. I really like Hello Kitty. My freshman year of college, kids on my floor came into my room and called it Hello Kitty Land. People tend to think I love pink because most of my Hello Kitty stuff is pink, but I wouldn't say that it's my favorite color.
  2. Speaking of favorite colors, I don't really identify with a color as my favorite. I feel like all the colors have purpose in the world and I like different colors for different reasons. I'd say in terms of colors I most gravitate towards, I've always liked blue - I'm the kind of person who always picks the water type starter, and I'm Team Mystic all the way. In terms of clothes, I think I have an affinity towards black and red. But also blue, again. So maybe blue is my favorite color, but I don't acknowledge it as such. 
  3. I really like glitter and I closely identify with this gif:
  4.  gif of princess throwing glitter
  5. Sometimes when I do my makeup, my inner monologue thinks I'm taping a makeup tutorial for YouTube.
  6. I automatically default to being stressed out (I'm kind of just intense and high strung all the time), but when there's actually something worth stressing about and I'm really stressed out, it doesn't feel any different than normal. While other people freak out, I just continue to be stressed as per usual. 
  7. I've taken the Pottermore sorting quiz on three different occasions - I took it when the site first opened, when they redid the quiz, and when they added the Ilvermorny sorting because I forgot the account information for the previous account - and I've gotten three different results: Hufflepuff, then Gryffindor, then Slytherin. Despite all this, I identify most with Ravenclaw and I'm sticking with it. 
  8. Even when I listen to music with headphones in public and seated, I sort of dance while I'm sitting there. I guess it's kind of like marking the movements with my upper body. People who see me always think it's strange because they have no idea what I'm doing. A lot of the time I'm attempting to work on choreography for the dance organization I'm in at school.
  9. When I was younger, there was a solid few months where I would only answer to Kiersten Mulan. If you called me Kiersten I'd pretend I didn't hear you until you amended to Kiersten Mulan.
  10. My favorite movie is the Disney Channel Original Movie Go Figure, and I'm still upset about the fact that it was never sold on DVD. And they never show it on TV or put it on Netflix or anything like that. The only option is to stream it online.
  11. I love going to concerts. Some bands I've seen in the last year are Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Dashboard Confessional, and I'm seeing Motion City Soundtrack and Blink-182 later this summer!

Noor's Facts
  1. After living in the United States since 2001 (minus a brief stint in New York a little earlier), yesterday I had my citizenship interview and exam and will be taking my official oath to become a U.S. citizen this Friday, July 15th!
  2. One time I had on a Taylor Swift wristband and I told a little girl it was my medical alert bracelet and that I was actually Taylor Swift and I had the bracelet so if there was an emergency and she had to call 911 she would know to tell them that that's who I was. 
  3. I haven't driven in three years because I'm epileptic and my license is technically suspended until I'm six months seizure-free so I make my 18-year old brother drive me everywhere like a chauffeur. However, I'm going to be commuting to college starting this fall and if I don't figure out public transport I'm going to be a junior being dropped off by her mom or her younger brother every day... #lame
  4. If I have children, I am going to name them after fruit. Papaya and Mango are my top two choices, but I just realized olives are fruit so it's a top contender now too and will probably edge out Mango for the number two spot.   
  5. Like many people I know, I have an abundance of pretty journals and notebooks and keep purchasing (or receiving) more and more because I have a severe problem. One of my favorite journals is one I use 80% for just writing down fun words. I just have an ongoing list of words I like, and if I'm out without the journal and I remember or come across one, I have a note in my phone where I write them and transfer them in later. It's probably the most Me thing I do. I also have a list of words I hate. I think my favorite word is dossier and my least favorite is hubris. 
  6. Throughout the day (and night) I'll be hit with random snippets of ideas for poems or stories and I know I'll 100% forget them if I don't write them down so I usually write notes on my phone, but sometimes even though I think they make sense at the time they're so vague and nonsensical when I read them later I have no idea what I'm talking about. I have a note that says "license plates," which I actually vaguely remember and one that just says "Anthony," which is completely lost on me because I don't even like that name all that much so I doubt it was a reminder to name a character; maybe just a fragment of a dream???? Who knows. 
  7. I'm convinced I am a ghost. This isn't some weird ~~~quirky~~~ metaphor or anything; I honestly, truly believe that I am a ghost. My corporeal form is a lie. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but I have a few reasons, I didn't just wake up one day deciding to be a ghost. I started to realize it last year and it solidified even more when I realized that my internal monologue isn't consistent with my actual life. That isn't so much a way I realized it as it is a way to back up my claim, but all the same, I stand by it. 
  8. I might get brain surgery which is kinda cool. It's all tentative right now and I have a few more tests to do and it wouldn't happen until next summer at the earliest because I'd need recovery time before I went back to school (and I don't want to take more time off so I'd rather wait until summer when I have three months off) but it's a potential Thing that may or may not happen in my life. 
  9. I get really stressed out whenever someone has the same name or birthday as me and immediately see the person as an enemy. Yes there are Noors/December 23rd-born people I like and am friends with, but the unrelenting hatred usually goes towards Relevant people who have social media I can stalk to see how much further they're getting in life than me (bonus hatred if they're doing things I wanna do with my life and doing them well). 
  10. I feel like my voice doesn't match my typing. I'm not sure if the way I worded that made sense -- I feel like if someone were to read the things I post on the Internet (whether the platform is blogging or Twitter or something else), taking into account the style in which I write those things, the voice they would imagine me having in their heads would be drastically different than my voice in reality. I know no one likes their own voice, and it isn't about that, I just feel like my physical voice doesn't make sense saying things the way I type them.
I hope you enjoyed my facts and I apologize if they got a little rambling or weird. I have lots more weird, rambling thoughts and fun facts but I think I've probably made you question my sanity enough for the moment. 

Amrutha's Facts
  1. When I was 12, I loved Bobby Flay. Like, I would watch his shows obsessively, I followed blogs and news articles about Bobby Flay, I tried to get my parents to take me to Food Network shows all the time. Short of having a life size Bobby Flay poster on my wall, I was just as bad as 90% of the girls my age were about the Jonas Brothers. This is all very confusing because Bobby is a BBQ/Burger guy, and I am a vegetarian. But alas, for a short time in my life, I was his #1 fan.
  2. I perpetually open water bottles and only drink some and then just leave them next to me at my night stand. And in my car. And on my dresser. And on the ground next to the couch. And literally everywhere. If I've been there, I have probably left a water bottle there. I know it's horrible for the environment and I am ~the worst~ but it is a bad habit of mine. 
  3. I hate geese. I really really hate geese. Some people call it a "fear" but they're wrong, it's a natural survival instinct. Geese are predators. THEY HAVE TEETH ON THEIR TONGUES. Look at this photo and tell me this isn't some direct descendent of a velociraptor.
  4. I was born in India but then I moved to Kansas. Looking back at my Kansas days it feels like I was roleplaying as Laura Ingalls Wilder. Down the road from my elementary school there was an old one room school house. We spent a week in fourth grade doing the "one room school house week experience where we had spelling bees and played with marbles and made rag dolls. 
  5. I'm obsessed with those food videos all over Facebook, I could literally watch them for the rest of my life and never make the food and never do anything else but still somehow be happy and satisfied.
  6. I have this thing called "height confidence" where I believe I'm the tallest person in the room. I can look at someone like 6ft tall and still believe that I am taller than them. 
  7. When I commit to something, I commit to it really hard. Like, I spent like two weeks eating basically just grapefruit (I now hate grapefruit). If I like a song I'll put it on repeat for a couple weeks while dancing to it or something. 
  8. I really hate pennies. In ninth grade I watched John Green's video on why pennies are a suck on the American economy and I made a powerpoint presentation so I could tell all my friends why I hate pennies. They cost more to make than they're worth, we lose millions on them every year, no one would care if they're gone, etc etc. Honestly, the pennies thing comes up a lot.
  9. So I mentioned earlier in this that I'm a vegetarian. So I grew up in a family of all vegetarians and most of my friends growing up were from my Indian Classical dance class, so most of those girls had families that were vegetarian too. When I went to one of my only meat-eater friend's houses, I came across some tuna cans in the garbage as I was throwing something out. Now, this friend had cats. So, it was my instinct to ask if the tuna was for the cats. I seriously thought tuna was only consumed by cats up until this point in my life (I was probably like 8 or 9). Needless to say, when she corrected me, it was a little awkward.
  10. I'm super super good at remembering stories. Like, if you tell me a story about a girl named Sarah who once wronged you in 2012 and then months later tell me about seeing her at the supermarket or something, I'll remember Sarah's backstory. If I ever meet Sarah without you around, I'll put together that you hate her and put together the present with the story you told before. This is true for literally even the most random and irrelevant of people. 

What are some facts about you?
Let us know in the comments!

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