Saturday, July 30, 2016

Stuffed Animal Saturday: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin

Stuffed Animal Saturday is a meme that we post here at We Live and Breathe Books to showcase the book we're currently reading with one of our favorite stuffed animals and discuss our stuffed animal's opinion (well, it's really our opinion, but that's besides the point). We hope you enjoy our quirky feature as much as we enjoy writing it!

This Saturday, my sister's cat Annie and I are reading The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin!

This is Annie lounging around on her bungee chair on a hot summer day with a good book. She doesn't weigh enough to make it bounce but she likes the feel of it anyway.

So far: We just started yesterday and I think Annie might be a little further ahead because of her lazy lounging tendencies but I myself have only just finished chapter seven as I had a few other things to do. However, the beginning is pretty interesting and I really like her portrayal of Mara's PTSD (or is it ~something else~ ?????? 🤔 🤔) and can't wait to read more!

Sneak peek: Annie loves ouija boards so I'll share a scene from one of the first few pages where Mara Dyer and her two friends use one just for one, with her best friend asking "How am I going to die?"

The three of us watched the board. My calves pricked from kneeling on Rachel's carpet for so long, and the backs of my knees felt clammy. Nothing happened. 
Then something did. We looked at each other as the piece moved under our hands. It semi-circled the board, sailing past A through K, and crept past L
It settled on M
"Murder? Claire's voice was soaked with excitement. She was so sketchy. What did Rachel see in her?
The piece glided in the wrong direction. Away from U and R
Landing on A
Rachel looked confused. "Matches?"
"Mauling?" Claire asked. "Maybe you set a forest fire and get eaten by Smokey the Bear?" Rachel laughed, briefly dissolving the panic that had slithered into my stomach. When we first sat down to play, I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes at Claire's melodramatics. Now, not so much.
The piece zigzagged across the board, cutting her laughter short. 
We were silent. Our eyes didn't leave the board as the piece jerked back to the beginning. 
To A
Then stopped. 
I can't speak for Annie but personally, I love spooky books so I hope this one has some creepy twists!


Are you and your stuffed animal reading anything interesting? 
Let us know in your own Stuffed Animal Saturday!

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