Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stuffed Animal Saturday [5]

Stuffed Animal Saturday is a meme that we post here at We Live and Breathe Books every two weeks to showcase the book we're currently reading with one of our favorite stuffed animals and discuss our stuffed animal's opinion (well, it's really our opinion, but that's besides the point). We hope you enjoy our quirky feature as much as we enjoy writing it!

Hey everyone! This is Jeremy, who was hand-made by our very own Kiersten and given to me as a graduation present. He has followed me to college and we are reading The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch. We picked it up when we went to Target with some of our friends and naturally gravitated towards the book section. A call of "Noor, hurry up, we don't have time for you to look at books all day" quickly resulted in the impulse grabbing of two books that seemed worth a read.

So Far: Jeremy has been super busy with college (getting a degree isn't easy when you're faced with the stigma and prejudice of being a stuffed animal) so he's only a few chapters in, but so far he seems to like it. He says that it's very interesting and the author does a good job of providing details while still being vague enough that the reader wants to read more and find out what happens next and why their world is the way it is. He particularly likes Stephen and he also thinks the writing style is A+.

A Sneak Peek: 
"The thunder pounded constantly, atomic blasts of it, following blue-white flares of lightning."
This little fragment of description just really stood out to Jeremy and he thought it'd be nice to share. It gives a pretty good idea of how the rest of the story is narrated.


Are you and your stuffed animal reading anything interesting? 
Let us know in your own Stuffed Animal Saturday!

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