Sunday, October 13, 2013

Live Blogging The House of Hades: Chapters 11-20

HI GUYS :))))

I know I haven't posted in what seems like absolutely forever, but I swear I've been swamped in college apps and homework and the campaign and whatnot. I've barely had any time to read, but I will always have time for Rick Riordan and his fantabulous series, The Heroes of Olympus.

Today (although I am posting a bit late), I will be continuing the live-blogging review of The House of Hades that Kiersten began yesterday.

Chapter 11 continues on in Leo's point of view, and although Leo isn't one of my favorite characters, I love how he is completely realistic. He makes backhanded comments and thinks that other people's girlfriends are pretty - he also feels intense guilt and self doubt. Leo spends the rest of his point of view hunting down the dwarves Kiersten mentioned: he and Jason go trapezing around Italy, only to have the dwarves thwart them. Leo is still ever the bomb builder, and I was amazed by his awesome ability to string together explosive devices out of toothpaste and charcoal.

BUT THEN PERCY'S POINT OF VIEW CAME ALONG AND I ALMOST MELTED AND WENT TO TARTARUS MYSELF. Ugh. Percabeth is my fav. I'm one of those proud shippers of Percabeth since The Lightning Thief. However, I internally boo Rick Riordan for sending my babies Percy and Annabeth to Tartarus and making them so unhappy :'( . Watching them make their way around monsters and snuggling when they could was so heart wrenching. AND UGH THEY MAKE CUTE COMMENTS TO EACH OTHER AND KISS EACH OTHER ON THE FOREHEAD TO MAKE SURE THEY DON'T LET THEIR SPIRITS DOWN LIKE WHO DOESN'T SHIP PERCABETH I DONT EVEN KNOW. While Percy and Annabeth battle an old foe, a Titan comes out of nowhere to help them. Bob is great.

Enter Frank! Frank is probably my least favorite character. He's whiny and annoying and why are you even with him Hazel WHY. He always feels bad for himself and even goes so far as to call himself the "LVP - Least Valuable Player." Like please shut up Frank you are so frustrating like okay. I was pretty interested when the group encountered the cows, but Frank was the least interesting part of that :/ Maybe his character will improve soon? Chapter 20 ends with Frank talking to Ares/Mars and the farm god. I'm interested to see what happens after Frank's crazy killstreak in the city.

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