Saturday, October 12, 2013

Live Blogging The House of Hades: Chapters 1-10

Hello, all! Welcome to out first post of live blogging The House of Hades by Rick Riordan! I'm posting this a bit late today (normally I'd post at 9 AM) because I've been working backstage crew for a musical as part of one of my classes and I've barely had any time to read! It's disappointing that I have less time to read, but I'm really enjoying being part of the process with so many talented people! Anyway, on to the book!

So, the first thing I read was Rick Riordan's preface... HAHAHAHAHA, no. That was cruel, even for him.

Then, we get to our first chapter from Hazel's point of view! I was slightly disappointed that we started with Hazel because she's not one of my favorite characters, but what ensued was definitely interested. I thought the part with Hecate showing Hazel the paths at the cross roads was really cool. And when Hazel just sassed out on Hecate, that was just great. Sassy Hazel is sassy. One of my favorite lines from Hazel's chapters: "... Hades (or Pluto, as the Romans called him; or as Hazel liked to think of him: the World's Worst Absent Father)."

I was kind of conflicted about the next part. On one hand, I was like, "Yay, Percabeth!" and on the other hand, I was like, "No, Tartarus!" So Percy and Annabeth are stuck in Tartarus, which is totally not cool, obviously. The worst part is that Annabeth only had like... 3 or 4 chapters so far and they've already almost died several times. Le sigh. On the bright side, Annabeth is one smart demigod. If Annabeth wasn't as well versed in her mythology, they'd be so dead.

Now enter Leo Valdez! Leo is convinced that the Athena Parthenos has some sort of awesome power. Since he's probably right, I'm excited to see exactly what power it holds. Then Leo has a crazy dream about a giant and a sorceress. Oh, these characters have a hard journey ahead of them. At the end of chapter 10, we leave the characters being attacked by strange dwarves. I'm interested in this treasure thing.

Well, that's it for me and chapters 1-10!
Check out Amrutha's post on chapters 11-20 tomorrow!

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