Friday, July 10, 2020

Discussion: Should I Be More Judgmental?

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I finished a book this week which I simply loved! I was laughing and smiling from beginning to end, and it filled my heart with joy. I was shocked, when I went to Goodreads and found all these meh and negative reviews. When I read them, it seemed that many people had an issue with the heroine. They found her immature and simply didn't like her. And, well, I didn't agree with these assessments, and it made me wonder if those readers were too harsh or if I wasn't judgmental enough.

I mean, I have judged the behavior of characters, but I have never written any characters off for a any human flaws. I was thinking about that, when I was reading Shannon's review for Now & When because, let me tell you, we were in the minority with respect to the main character in this book. She made a mistake, she apologized, and moved on. We accepted, but didn't necessarily agree with, what she did, and were able to go on and enjoy the rest of the story. However many people did not feel the same way we did. So, was I too easy on her? 

Maybe it's because I am old and didn't come of age in the midst of the cancel culture, but I think I tend to be fairly forgiving. I am a flawed human, who has done many things I regret. The question is - did I keep doing those things or did I learn from my mistakes? If I see the character practically living in a time loop, yes, I would be frustrated with them, but those flaws are rarely arbitrary. The author gives us imperfect characters so we can see them grow and change, but I cannot recall ever seeing the flaws people write about being left unaddressed in a book I have read.   

I think I like to believe we are all works in progress. We experience things which can change our perspective and challenge our beliefs. I know I am not the same person I was as a teen, a new mom, or even less than a decade ago, and I like to consider the same about other people. 
Now it's your turn!

Are you a judgy or forgiving reader? 
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