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Five on My TBR - Recommended

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I love any opportunity to feature more books and found this meme an interesting way to take a look at my TBR. I hope to also get some feedback from you. Should I keep these books on my TBR? Should I push them up the list? This week we are supposed to share books from our TBR that were recommended to us. Nobody really recommends books to me, so I am sharing books I added to my TBR based on reviews I saw, the ones other readers convinced me to add. 

Barely Even Friends
by Mae Bennett
A grumpy, rich recluse meets his match in this steamy Beauty and the Beast retelling—with a Succession twist.

Bellamy Price has just been offered the job of a lifetime: lead contractor on the restoration of the mysterious and sprawling Killington Estate. If she meets the owner’s ridiculous timeline, she’ll finally make a name for herself in this male-dominated industry. But when she rolls up her sleeves, slips on her suspenders, and shows up at the crumbling mansion, Bellamy finds the estate very much occupied.

After a traumatic car accident that left his parents dead and himself injured, Oliver Killington, heir to the Killington empire, took up residence as the grumpy caretaker of his grandfather’s mansion. None too pleased by the presence of the hammer-wielding woman who’s moved into his house, Oliver tries to block her at every turn.

But when Bellamy discovers Oliver’s facing his own ultimatum from his grandfather, the two form a cautious truce, which leads to flying sparks that are definitely not from faulty wiring. As Bellamy restores the gleam to the Killington Estate, she’ll have to decide if the walls she’s built around herself are worth knocking down to make space for someone else.

This clever, steamy debut novel will have readers rooting for this Beauty and her Beast until the very last page.

Frank & Red
by Matt Coyne
Sometimes, the friend you need is the one you never saw coming.

Frank and Red are a mess.

Frank is a grumpy old curmudgeon. A recluse whose only company is the 'ghost' of his dead wife, Marcie. He is estranged from his friends, his son, and the ever-changing world beyond his front gate. And then Red moves in next door.

Red is six. A boy struggling to adjust to the separation of his mum and dad, a new school, and the demonic school bully. Red is curious, smart, he never stops talking, and he's got a trampoline. From the moment Red's blonde mop appears over the top of the fence that divides their two gardens, the unlikeliest of friendships is born. . . . And it is a friendship that will change both of their lives forever.

The Summer of Yes
by Courtney Walsh
A near-death experience catapults workaholic junior editor Kelsey Worthington into changing her life--one yes at a time.

Kelsey Worthington always dreamed of being a writer, but she's settled into a routine of helping other people tell their stories in her job as a junior editor. She doesn't go outside of her comfort zone. Her relationships are safe. Her job is secure. Her existence is stable. And she's great with that.

And then, the accident.

While she's in the hospital overnight, she meets an older woman named Georgina Tate--a glass-ceiling-shattering, wildly successful businesswoman. Georgina sacrificed everything to become the woman she is today, but now, with a pair of failing kidneys and only a handful of months left to live, Georgina is forced to come face-to-face with her regrets. Kelsey is forced to reckon with her own list of "things I'll do someday," and she starts to ask a simple but life-changing What if I said yes to all the things I normally say no to? And The Yes Plan is born.

It takes some convincing, but Georgina finally agrees to go along with Kelsey on her Summer of Yes adventures. The two of them set off to see what might be out there waiting for them if they simply open themselves up to it. Together, they say yes to whatever comes their way--a whole day being tourists in their own New York City, dinner with strangers, a convertible that is far from practical but so much fun. But when Kelsey springs a surprise visit to Georgina's son Hayden and Georgina's ex-husband (who is not so much of an ex), the older woman is less than thrilled. But this is where the true journey begins.

Two stories of love, forgiveness, regret, romance, and finding a way to live a fearless life intertwine as these two women make an indelible impression on each other. And it all starts with a simple "yes."

The Wedding People
by Alison Espach
A propulsive and uncommonly wise novel about one unexpected wedding guest and the surprising people who help us start anew.

It's a beautiful day in Newport, Rhode Island, when Phoebe Stone arrives at the grand Cornwall Inn wearing a green dress and gold heels, not a bag in sight, alone. She's immediately mistaken by everyone in the lobby for one of the wedding people, but she’s actually the only guest at the Cornwall who isn’t here for the big event. Phoebe is here because she’s dreamt of coming for years―she hoped to shuck oysters and take sunset sails with her husband, only now she's here without him. Meanwhile, the bride has accounted for every detail and every possible disaster the weekend might yield except for, well, Phoebe―which makes it that much more surprising when the women can’t stop confiding in each other.

In turns uproariously, absurdly funny and devastatingly tender, Alison Espach's The Wedding People is a look at the winding paths we can take to places we never imagined―and the chance encounters it sometimes takes to reroute us.

The World After Alice
by Lauren Aliza Green
For readers of Seating Arrangements and The Most Fun We Ever Had , a gorgeous and gripping story of two families brought together to celebrate an unexpected marriage, twelve years after a devastating tragedy upended their lives

When Morgan and Benji surprise their families with a wedding invitation to Maine, they’re aware the news of their clandestine relationship will come as a shock. Twelve years have passed since the stunning loss of sixteen-year-old Alice, Benji’s sister and Morgan’s best friend, and no one is quite the same. But the young couple decide to plunge headlong into matrimony, marking the first time their fractured families will reunite since Alice’s funeral.

As the arriving guests descend upon the tranquil coastal town, they bring with them not only skepticism about the impromptu nuptials but also deep-seated secrets and agendas of their own. Peter, Morgan’s father, may be trying to dissuade his daughter from saying “I do,” while Linnie, Benji’s mother, introduces a new boyfriend with his own tumultuous past. Nick, Benji’s father, is scheming to secure a new job before his wife, Caro—formerly his secretary and mistress—discovers he lost his old one. Morgan, too, carries delicate secrets that threaten to jeopardize the happiness she has so longed for. And Benji is just trying to make sure the whole weekend doesn’t implode.

As the whirlwind weekend unfolds, old passions reignite, deep wounds resurface, and unearthed secrets threaten to shatter the fragile peace the wedding promises. With each new revelation, the to-be-weds and their complicated families are forced to question just how well they know the ones they hold dear.

What recommended books are on your TBR?
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  1. I definitely recommend Frank and Red, I loved it. I like the sound of The World After Alice and The Wedding People. I am going to see if my library has them.

    1. I have only seen raves for Frank and Red. It is one I really hope to read. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  2. Barely Even Friends - I think there is a possibility that you could enjoy this one. I know you like a retelling. That being said, I DNF this book at 58%. The writing wasn't bad. It was too similar to the Disney movie to me. It felt like the author switched out parts to make her characters and their story fit into it. I also felt like there were parts of the story that were missing. I would be expecting a scene, and it would jump past it making the next one feel out of place. Maybe you will have a better experience than I did.

    1. That's so different from the reviews I have seen. Something to think about for sure.

  3. The Summer of Yes sounds really good

    1. I am leaning heavily towards that one. I adored the author's last book

  4. The only one I've heard of is the first book but I love the sound of Frank & Red. Seems like it'll be a very emotional and touching read but I love unlikely friendships like this :)

    1. I am usually game for an unlikely friendship and I love the cross generational stuff, too. That one has been getting tons of praise as well.

  5. Well Frank and Red caught my eyes as I do love friendship stories between generations!

    1. It sounds like one that will tug at the heartstrings for sure

  6. The Wedding People sounds like my kind of book - I love a wedding setting and Newport, RI is one of my favorite places!

    1. I have never been to Newport. I have only been to Providence to see Bring It On - The Musical. Didn't see anything that RI is famous for.

  7. I haven't read any of these yet but I did just see a really good review for The Summer of Yes.

    1. Same, and I adored Isadora Bentley so much. I hope for more of that

  8. Frank and Red is not my usual read but I read that blurb and just want to read it! Matt Coyne is hilarious... He wrote a blog (that got made into books) called Man Vrs Baby and it made me laugh sometimes until I couldn't breathe. I imagine Frank and Red would have that humour and warmth of his parenting stuff but probably with more serious and poignant notes.

    1. Everyone I know who has read Frank and Red only has high praise for the book. It's not a US release, so no ebook, but maybe soon. I had no idea who he was. Only check in the pro column.