Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Can't Wait Wednesday!

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

I am combining CWW with Books From the Backlog hosted by Carole at Carole's Random Life in Books. This will allow me to feature some newly "rediscovered" books, which I plan on reading, alongside a new release.

This week I can't wait for

Clover Hendry's Day Off
 by Beth Morrey
Published by G.P. Putnam's Sons on January 30, 2024
Age/Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Fiction

A hilarious and empowering perimenopausal Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, about Clover Hendry, 46, and the day she decides to stop keeping the plates spinning, say F@#! it all, and finally get hers.

Today is not the day to mess with Clover Hendry.

Clover hasn’t said “No” a day in her life. Until today. Normally a woman who tips her hairdresser even when the cut is hideous, is endlessly patient with her horrendous mother, and says yes every time her boss asks her to work late—today, things are going to be very different. Because Clover is taking the day off. Today, she’s going to do and say whatever she likes, even if it means her whole life unravels.

What made Clover change her ways? Why doesn’t she care anymore? There’s more to this day than meets the eye.

Clover Hendry's Day Off is a joyful, raging, galvanizing story about putting life on pause, pleasing yourself, and getting your own back. Whatever it takes. Because when Clover stops caring, she can start living.

I loved Beth Morrey's last two books, and I automatically added this one to my TBR just because she wrote it. I am also drawn to it because the main character is a bit older, and the idea of Clover just leaning into "NO" intrigues me. That's something I always want to do but fall short each time. I am looking forward to spending a day off with Clover.

The Strangers on Montagu Street 
 by Karen White
Published by Berkley on November 1, 2011
Age/Genres: Adult, Paranormal

Charleston psychic Melanie Middleton discovers the past isn't finished revealing unsettling secrets in the third novel in the New York Times bestselling Tradd Street series.

With her relationship with writer Jack Treholm as shaky as the foundation of her family home, Melanie’s juggling a number of problems. Like restoring her Tradd Street house...and resisting her mother’s pressure to ‘go public’ with her talent—a sixth sense that unites them to the lost souls of the dead. But Melanie never anticipated her new problem.

Her name is Nola, Jack’s estranged young daughter who appears on their doorstep, damaged, lonely and defiantly immune to her father’s attempts to reconnect. Melanie understands the emotional chasm all too well. As a special, bonding gift Jack’s mother buys Nola an antique dollhouse—a precious tableaux of a perfect Victorian family. Melanie hopes the gift will help thaw Nola’s reserve and draw her into the family she’s never known.

At first, Nola is charmed, and Melanie is delighted—until night falls, and the most unnerving shadows are cast within its miniature rooms. By the time Melanie senses a malevolent presence she fears it may already be too late. A new family has accepted her unwitting invitation to move in—with their own secrets, their own personal demons, and a past that’s drawing Nola into their own inescapable darkness...

My loan came through, so I will be continuing the Tradd Street series. This book will feature a teen Nola, the star of the spinoff series I started with. I am greatly enjoying going back to the beginning. Will this be the book where Jack and Melanie get together? Who knows, but I will get to watch the progress on the house restoration while Melanie battles more spirits. 

What are you waiting on?
Let us know in the comments!


  1. I really love that cover for Karen has such a strong thriller creepy vibe to it!

  2. Woohoo! More Melanie and Jack for you! I hope you love this one as much as the last 2.

    1. These two are a rollercoaster. If I already didn't know how this would end for them, I would have thrown my kindle out the window. But I did love the book

  3. I just read your comment above. Looks like Karen White likes to mess about with a couple before letting them get to their HEA, lol! Seems like she's doing the same with Nola. My library lend came through for the first book in the series. I hope I can listen before my lend expires.

    1. It's JUST like what she is doing with Nola in the new series. Making me nuts! I hope you like going back to the beginning as much as I did.

  4. I confess that I'd add Clover Hendry's book based ont the cover only! But the blurb is also promising LOL

    1. I added it because I really enjoy this author's books. Have you read any by her?