Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Here at We Live and Breathe Books, two of us choose five books each week. This week's topic is...

Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me!

Noor's Picks

You guys should get used to me being alone for these so I can avoid putting a disclaimer before every post about how I have no company *eyes emojis*
  1. Marauders Era Harry Potter Book(s) - I would honestly sell my soul for this because I live for Marauders era headcanons and fanfics and I am here for the concept as a whole I feel like I know them better than I know myself I could probably a full-length series on them just being lame and goofing off around Hogwarts, no dark wizards or trolls in dungeons or anything, and be totally satisfied, but let's be real with them there's always something cool. 
  2. Meeting JK Rowling - I almost was able to go to an event with her a few years ago but the website messed up the tickets and released them at the wrong time and it was a huge mess and I haven't gotten over it but like I don't just want some seated event where I'm taking snapchats from the back row I want like coffee and one on one conversation with the freakin' queen of my heart ya feel???? 
  3. Writing Inspiration/Guidance - If there's a word for the type of writer I am, it's reckless. If you want more words, we can go with: fickle, impulsive, self-sabotaging, and there a few more but the point is, if I had a literary genie I'd ask for help being more focused and grounded and resolute so I could take myself a little more seriously. 
  4. Victorian Style Library - One of my personal life goals for when I have my own place is to have a library and for years and years I've always had this image in my mind of my perfect Victorian library (I really wish I could draw because I need the architects to know exactly how to do it!!!). However, once I started spending more time on Pinterest, I became open to the idea of cool new ideas straying from my initial fantasy so it might not be the same one I've had in my head since elementary school (I admit the design is outdated) but I promise it'll be super important and amazing. 
  5. Become a YA Protagonist - My life so far has been kinda sketch. I'll spare you the details but I'm only 19 (64 days 'til my birthday holla) so it isn't too late for my YA novel plot to kick off. It could be anything really, I'm not picky about genre. Maybe I meet a cute boy at a vintage bookstore and he turns out to be a ghost or maybe I'm disenchanted with my life after moving and I run away, discovering myself in the process with the help of some quirky companions or maybe I'm a genetic anomaly in a sea of people who are not genetic anomalies and the government is after me and we can ignore the fact that I've run maybe twice since high school gym ended because only I can save the world. I'm up for anything honestly, even a love triangle sounds kinda fun.
  6. Unlimited Book Spending Money - I know I could have asked to just have all the books or have them appear on my shelves whenever I wanted but there's such a thrill in buying a book and going out to the store specifically for a book and feeling the binding loosen and smelling it and finding out what kind of smell the pages have and how glossy they are and sometimes the person at the register is into the book too and they share your excitement, especially if its release day, and that's a thrill I want to keep experiencing rather than just knowing I have everything I want to read, but books are hella ca$h money and I can't depend on my parents' income forever.
  7. A Magic Carpet Ride - I love to travel. I love airplanes, airports, trains, road trips, all an unhealthy amount. Another thing I do an unhealthy amount is get invested in books and their fictional worlds. So I want a chance to see all the places that I can't on this plane of existence. Disney's Wizarding World isn't enough, I need to visit the real Hogwarts, the Shire, Neverland, everywhere and anywhere. 
  8. My Homie Luna Lovegood - I would bring a lot of characters to life if I could, but Harry Potter is where it's always going to come back to and Luna Lovegood is my favorite character from the series. I admire her, I resonate with her, I find her charming, she's just all around a quality human, and I want to live out our lives as those best friends who live next door to each other and come over every day without knocking (you know the ones I'm talking about). 
  9. Norberta the Dragon - Dragons are my favorite animals, along with dinosaurs and elephants, and I really would like to have one, and since this is would be bringing a literary character to life, it would fall under the jurisdiction of a book genie and not like, a pet genie. I'm not just asking on a technicality though, if I have a dragon I want it to be out of Harry Potter or HTTYD and Norberta is a real home skillet. 
  10. Rereading Without Rereading - I love rereading books and there are some books I've read more times than I can count (that's not a difficult task my math grade ain't too high). Not only do I just love reliving a story again and again but I really do feel like each experience is different and you gain something new each time or catch something new each time. However, some books it would be amazing to have the chance to read again for the first time. Whether it's the book that you knew was your favorite book the moment you finished it or a book you hated but liked with time or just a really good book with really solid characters, there's nothing like reading something and not knowing what to expect, and the best wish a genie could grant would be the ability to have that experience over and over again whenever one wanted. 
    What would you wish for?
    Let us know in the comments!

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