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Review: Vigilante - Sarah Fine

Sarah Fine 
Series: Guards of the Shadowlands, #2.5
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Vigilante is a novella set between Fractured and Chaos in the Guards of the Shadowlands series. While the books mainly focus on Lela and Malachi, this novella is focused on Ana and takes place sometime between Sanctum, the first book in the series, and the end of Fractured, the second. Since the premise of this novella is spoilery for Sanctum, I won't be able to post a non-spoiler review. However, I can say that this novella was awesome and definitely worth a read AFTER you read Sanctum AND Fractured! The entire series is available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, so if you are one, YOU SHOULD GO READ THIS SERIES! IT'S AWESOME!

*This review contains spoilers for Sanctum but not for Fractured. However, the novella does contain spoilers for Fractured and should be read after.*

Vigilante follows Ana after she dies in Sanctum and is released to the Countryside. Unfortunately, Takeshi is not there. While Vigilante is a pretty short novella (about 50 pages) it's completely new content that you will not get from any of the books. While Vigilante is not required before reading Chaos, I think it definitely adds something to the reading experience.

Ana is such a strong female character and it was really exciting to see her in her own story as the narrator. Additionally, the reader finally gets a look into her head, especially her memories of Takeshi. Up to this point in the series, most of the talk about Takeshi came from Malachi so getting to read about Ana's relationship him was really sweet.

Like the rest of the series, Vigilante was both well written and filled with emotional moments. However, this novella doesn't quite reach the 5 star level for me because I predicted the outcome of the story before I even started reading it and it was extremely brief. While it did the job of connecting Fractured and Chaos, I wanted a little bit more - maybe some more events before Ana crosses the desert of the Wastelands. Regardless, I really enjoyed Vigilante and highly recommend it for fans of the Guards of the Shadowlands series!

- Kiersten

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