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Review: Seeker - Arwen Elys Dayton

Arwen Elys Dayton 
Series: Seeker, #1
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Thanks to Delacorte Press for the eARC I received via NetGalley!

When I got Seeker I was really excited about it - the concept sounded awesome, and it seemed like there would be a strong female lead. Unfortunately, after reading Seeker, it did not live up to my expectations and was extremely disappointing for me.

The beginning of Seeker is so exciting. Quin, John, and Shinobu are training to become seekers, and they are fierce warriors. The first part of the book (it's divided into three parts) shows the three as they are training and as they become seekers (well, some of them). As is hinted at in the blurb, being a seeker isn't what Quin always imagined and she soon faces the reality of her new title.

After the first part is where I got let down. While that first part is excited and action packed, the second part creates such a lull. It felt to me as though Seeker got lost and couldn't figure out where it was going at this point - several of the characters seemed aimless and just content with not actually doing anything. I was in such shock over how different the book felt here. With the beginning giving off a high fantasy vibe, this shifted to a more futuristic, dystopia - which would have been fine if there had been a little more world building to explain the social construct of this futuristic Hong Kong.

Moving into the third part, the beginning follows much of the same slow pacing and somewhat lackluster plot. The end, getting back to the excitement of the beginning of the book, was a bit of a redeeming factor but not by much. Overall, the plot just wasn't very exciting and I struggled a bit to continue reading.

Even though the plot didn't really grab my attention, sometimes I can still enjoy a book if I like the characters. Unfortunately, I didn't find the characters particularly interesting and I had trouble empathizing or sympathizing with any of them. John had a tragic backstory, which was one thing that kept me interested in him, but even though he used his history to justify what he did, I never felt like it was actually justified nor did I feel he really thought it was justified anyway. It was very strange. The most interesting character to me was actually Maud, only because she seemed to have a very complex past, but she was such a minor part for most of the book.

All in all, I thought the idea behind Seeker was great but the execution was underwhelming. The book seemed like it wasn't entirely sure what it was supposed to be and was an extremely disappointing read.

- Kiersten

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