Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life of a Blogger: Nature

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I do not like nature. Being outside makes me sad. Pictures of nature are ok, though. This is basically all I have to say about nature... So, yea.

Most people discuss nature as synonymous with the "outdoors" or anything green-ish. In that definition there is a strong love-hate relationship. It's pretty but godamn I suck at handling insects of any kinds and humidity makes me want to curl up into a ball and die. But anyway, I consider nature as synonymous with the universe - not to be pretentious, it's just what I've been taught. And I love the universe as a whole. It's existence, the random bits that make it work like gravity, all of the awesome things that terrify me about it. Go space.

Nature is pretty rad. I'm not gonna deny that I spend most of my time indoors either at a computer, with my phone, or behind the pages of a book (none of which are mutually exclusive). However, I do generally like nature despite not spending too much engulfed in it. I like taking photos and not only are photos of outdoor things often very lovely, but there are also some very nice photoshoot locations that are all natural and outdoorsy. Also, if the weather is nice, I like reading outdoors, especially in secluded-type areas. And I enjoy hiking and stuff in moderation, especially if it involves lakes because I dig lakes. However, I usually like doing these things in optimal weather conditions when there are no visible bugs -- especially ones that can fly or like really annoying ones like mosquitos or really terrifying unnamed ones -- and it's not gross and humid and I won't feel like dying.  

I really do like nature when I don't need to interact with it too often and I interact with it on my terms. I enjoy being in the rain and appreciating nice scenic things but do I enjoy being in the pouring rain when I need to get to class and the busses are late and it happens to be the one day in like 14 years I've chosen to to do my hair? No. I do not. Nature is beautiful in moderation and when I choose to experience it.

What do you think about nature?
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  1. I like to observe nature, in the sense of natural wonders. I loved being on my cruise watching all the natural beauty. I also like nature in the sense of human nature, and studying people and their behaviors -- trying to figure out why they do what they do.