Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday: Stay with Me - J. Lynn

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm waiting on Stay with Me by J. Lynn!

Stay with Me 
J. Lynn/Jennifer Lynn Armentrout 
Series: Wait for You, #3
Release Date: September 23, 2014
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Waited on by: Amrutha
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At 21, Calla hasn’t done a lot of things. She’s never been kissed, never seen the ocean, never gone to an amusement park. But growing up, she witnessed some things no child ever should. She still carries the physical and emotional scars of living with a strung-out mother, Mona—secrets she keeps from everyone, including her close circle of college friends. 

 But the safe cocoon Calla has carefully built is shattered when she discovers her mom has stolen her college money and run up a huge credit card debt in her name. Now, Calla has to go back to the small town she thought she'd left behind and clean up her mom’s mess again. Of course, when she arrives at her mother’s bar, Mona is nowhere to be found. Instead, six feet of hotness named Jackson James is pouring drinks and keeping the place humming. 

 Sexy and intense, Jax is in Calla’s business from the moment they meet, giving her a job and helping her search for Mona. And the way he looks at her makes it clear he wants to get horizontal . . . and maybe something more. Before Calla can let him get close, though, she’s got to deal with the pain of the past—and some very bad guys out to mess her up if she doesn’t give them her mom.

OH MY GOD ANOTHER ONE IS COMING OUT. I have been following this series since the beginning of my book blogging days - the review of the first book, Wait for You can be found here, and the review of the next story in the series, Be with Me can be found here, as well as my Waiting on Wednesday for book #1.5, Trust in Me here. Clearly, I have a lot invested in this series. While at first, I really only wanted to continue the books because I thought they were bad enough that they were funny, after reading Be with Me, I got genuinely invested in the series. J. Lynn's writing style and plot got bounds better in the most recent book, and I found myself really looking forward to the next one.

Calla is a character from Be with Me, and following in suit to the other books, Stay with Me will focus on a minor character from the last book in the series. Calla was a meek girl with a scar running down her face, and a sad history with her mom, and while I have never heard of Jax, I hope this book shows the improvement the last book did.
- Amrutha

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