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Review: In Starlight - February Grace

In Starlight
February Grace
Series: Sequel to Of Stardust
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Word Rating: Little repetitive but decent
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I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

Sigh guys, this book, while being pretty good, was not as good as its predecessor, Of Stardust (review here). In Starlight, being more from Gus's perspective, I found, was more than a little awkward. Although I loved having more Gus and Till, I just wasn't as into this book as I was the first. (It's still a good read though!)

The reason I liked this book so much was the focus on romance. While the first book was filled with magic and cute things galore, this was a refreshingly upbeat tale of Gus and Till. (Upbeat if we count all the trials and tribulations of their relationship). It is apparent in the story how much Gus cares for Till, regardless of the rules, and not going to lie, the way it was written was adorable. However, I feel as though February Grace did a better job focusing on Till in the first novel, and perhaps focusing on the female lead in the story led to a better outcome. This time around, the plot line presented dire consequences for the couple, as opposed to previously, when the book had a much more upbeat feel to it.

Another issue that manifested itself in this book was the emphasis on love not really being explained. The first novel was all about the rules and while Gus and Till needed to fight for their love here, they just seemed to stop caring so much about the rules with no real explanation. The idea of sacrifice was kind of lost, and I missed it because it was portrayed so well in Of Stardust.

The POV being Gus-centric was a little problematic for me, mostly because it was ALL ABOUT TILL. Like I understand they're in love, but they were when the first novel was Till-centric and she wasn't obsessed with him. This couple was really cute at times and my heart melted for them. but some of the repetitive mental I <3 Till that Gus seemed to be thinking about 150% of the time kind of annoyed me. This is why I would prefer to have the book in Till's point of view, as I feel that was done so much better.

All in all though, good read. This was just disappointing more so in comparison to the first novel than to anything else.

- Amrutha

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