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Review: Evermore - Alyson Noel


Alyson Noel
Series: The Immortals, #1
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Supernatural 
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Word Rating: Juvenile
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Hello there, lovelies. Remember when college didn't take up all my time? Me neither. This whole college thing has made me required to delve into the library of books I have previously read and do not have with me in order to review something for you. This particular book, I read around sophomore year, so forgive me if I don't remember every single detail.

Anyway, my general feel of this whole book is: no. I was searching through my Goodreads list of books I've already rated and as I scrolled past, the purple and red cover caught my eye (those are my two favorite colors, after all). I didn't remember the book right away and I wondered why. Once I read the description, it all flooded back and I realized my brain had been trying to block it out of my mind for the past few years.

The first thing I remember about this book is how stupid I thought the protagonists name was. Who names their kid Ever? Her sister, Riley, had a perfectly normal name, so why couldn't she? I figured I'd give it a shot though. It seemed interesting enough. Her family had died in a car accident and ever since then, she had been able to see people's "auras" and hear their thoughts and see their lives if she touched them. I definitely think she should only have had the aura-viewing power, instead of tacking on two more (which, if I can remember, didn't serve that well as plot devices) because that would have made it a lot more interesting.

Anyway, Ever meets this guy, Damen, who is apparently immortal and is 600 years old with the body of a high schooler, and fall sin love with Ever. So it's basically Twilight. Although, it's a bit more redeeming than Twilight, because at least Damen didn't just randomly meet this girl and fall in love with her. Apparently, he had met different reincarnations of Ever before, and they fell in love every time, and she died every time, so he basically spent his time waiting for the next reincarnation to show up. Okay, I said it's a little better. Not very much.

I think the one decent part of this book was her little sister, Riley. She had died in the car accident but came back to Ever as a ghost, and constantly talked to her. Riley was younger, I think around 12, but she was very sassy and amusing in general. She stuck around Ever because she never truly crossed over to death, the place where the rest of her family was. Eventually, she let go of Ever and crossed the bridge (there was a literal bridge, because symbolism or something) and didn't come back as a ghost anymore.

So beyond the falling in love with an immortal and discovering her strange powers thing, I don't particularly recall the plot, if there even was one beyond the love story. I know Damen took her to this strange place on a different plane of existence, that was supposed to be between life and death, and I remember a certain character who is out to get Ever and wants Damen to herself. I suppose that is where the conflict of this book comes from.

Another thing I remember is that it was quite poorly written and you can't tell if it's meant for younger readers but she tried to sound smart by using "florid" writing (I use this term very loosely) or if she just doesn't know how to make sentences flow.

I remember reading this book just for the sake of finishing it, and I never bothered reading anything else in the series, so I don't really know what happened after this book, nor do I care to. Overall, I wouldn't recommend reading this, you're much better off not wasting your time.

- Noor

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