Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cover Cosmetics: Frozen - Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston

Hello and welcome to my second post of my new feature, which I've decided to call "Cover Cosmetics"! It seemed an appropriate name, with the inspiration being book covers and the content being cosmetics. This week, I decided to do a book I reviewed not too long ago (here). The book was sitting on the shelf in front of me and I was really inspired by the beautiful blues and pops of gold. Without further ado, here's my makeup look for the cover of Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston!

The cover:

The makeup:

For this look I wanted the majority of the eye to be covered in the blue gradient from the cover, but I also wanted that pop of gold. Luckily I had those frilly eyelashes hanging around! Unfortunately, these lashes are rather fragile and all the glitter started falling off, which saddened me greatly. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the look!

- Kiersten

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