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Review: By Your Side - Kasie West

By Your Side 
Kasie West
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Harper Teen
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Reading Challenges: #ContRom2017, #NGEW2017

Kasie West is on a short list of contemporary authors, who can consistently write a story that warms my heart, and puts a stupid grin on my face. She has a talent for writing these stories that are light and breezy, while still incorporating some real issues. She has done so again with By Your Side.

Me when I am reading a Kasie West book

This was supposed to be the night that Autumn declared her affection for Jeff, but instead, she is trapped in the library with the school's resident bad boy, Dax. Autumn thinks this is going to be the worst weekend ever, but then it isn't.
"Twelve hours trapped in a library and you're already a survivalist." "I crossed my arms. "You seem to enjoy making fun of me." "I was being sincere. I mean, if ever in a real life-or-death situation, you've already learned how to throw books and scavenge for food."
The first part of the book had our MCs trapped in the library with no feasible way out. Both Autumn and Dax had preconceived notions about each other, but as time passed, each gave a little of themselves to the other, and they sparked a friendship of sorts. I really enjoyed the library scenes, especially when they were facing off in wacky games. It was fun and cute, but then these fun-cute parts would be followed by some really heartfelt sharing sessions.

The more I learned about Dax, the more I wanted to reach through the page and hug him. He was a loner, a little by choice and a little by circumstance. His life had not been easy, as he had been  abandoned by his parents, and had yet to land in a good foster home. In contrast to Dax's home life, Autumn had an awesome family and a great group of friends. I really fell in love with them and adored being immersed in all the warmth and love they shared with each other. The scenes with her and her brother, Owen, were some of my favorites.
He called after me. "You owe me some quality sibling time this week. No acting like I'm not here."
"I'll pick out the nail polish color tomorrow."
"Hey now. I pick out my own nail polish," he said.
It was very sweet watching this friendship unfurl and grow. At first, Dax avoided Autumn after their library lock-in, but she was not having it. Autumn kept showing up until Dax relented and agreed to friends of the distraction sort - no attachments. But it was more, so much more. Where Dax was mostly about Dax, Autumn put everyone else's needs above her own, often to the detriment of her own health. With Dax, she could just be, and he encouraged her to say no, if it would make her too anxious. He was understanding and supportive, and she was comfortable letting him in on her anxiety disorder, whereas, she had not told any of her friends.  
"He's just a distraction."
"Television is a distraction. Dax is a hostile takeover."
Overall: West delivers another sweet romance filled with great characters, friends, fun, and family that will induce ear-to-ear smiles.

**I would like to thank Harper Teen for the advanced copy of this book

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