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Review: Lucifer - Annabell Cadiz

Annabell Cadiz
Series: Sons of Old Trilogy #1
Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Okay, so I got this book for a book tour, and then, due to some confusion with the dates and some conflict for when this was supposed to be posted, it just never got done and I feel so bad because 1) I was provided this book under the premise that I'd review it, and 2) I actually really liked it. So super sorry that this review comes so late, but that being said, here it is!

Alright, so our main girl Zahara is super awesome (more about her later) and her family hunts the low life problem creatures of the supernatural world. In general Zahara likes to avoid thinking about this world and her parents are into it too, but then she gets attacked and has to start playing the game again. Then, she goes on a double date with her cute coworker/angel: Brian, her best friend Becca, and the leader of the biggest coven in her area (a coven full of creatures that can suck out souls and manipulate water.

I enjoyed the construction of the realm for the most part, and I enjoyed the action scenes /for the most part/, and I say this just because some of the dialogue wasn't really on point and sometimes random descriptions would make their way in. To be honest, while these were okay parts of the book, they weren't the real selling point.

The characters (as they do for every novel that I like) made this story work. I LOVE Zahara -- she's so normal, and usually I can't see myself in YA fantasy characters, but I totally could here. I love that she's so cool with her parents and that she tries to live as normal of a life as she can. I really liked Becca too, who isn't really in the supernatural world but she gets trained anyway, which I think is super rad. Rekesh (the half-good-half-bad guy) and Bryan (although he's an angel) both were a little sketch to me, but I feel like that's necessary in the first part of a trilogy -- you're not supposed to trust all the characters. The romance between Zahara and Bryan seemed a little bland but I think they have a lot of potential, and I actually really enjoyed reading the Becca/Rekesh parts. You could call me a sucker for a good romance, I guess.

If you guys have been reading my reviews for a while, you'll know I'm not reallllly a fantasy person (with a lot of exceptions, of course) but honestly, I really enjoyed this one, and would read it again. The next book in the series is out already and I'm definitely going to read it! This was my complete and honest review and has no baring on the fact that I received this book from a book tour.

- Amrutha

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