Thursday, January 8, 2015

Life of a Blogger - Scars You Have

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by Novel Heartbeat. This feature is designed to let readers and other bloggers get to know us on a more personal level by discussing non-bookish topics. This week's topic is...

Scars you have!

I don't have many scars - I used to have more but they seem to be disappearing. By far, the most notable scars I've ever had were the ones I got when I used to run track at my high school. I fell one day when I was running and, since we had a concrete track, I scraped up my knees pretty badly. Those scars have since healed though. The only other scars I can find are two on my hands. One is on the back of my left hand and I think I accidentally cut my hand with scissors in elementary school but I'm not entirely sure. The other scar is on the inside of my right index finger. I have absolutely no idea how this came to be. I'm sorry that my scars are not more interesting or plentiful.

I have about million scars on my legs because A) I am a clumsy individual and B) skateboarding is dangerous but C) walking, along with all non-sleeping activities, are dangerous. Other than that, I have two scars above my right eye that kind of frame my right eyebrow somewhat. They're extremely faint now, but I remember the endless weeks of scabbing. I got them from running into a really thin porcelain plate my mom was walking around with. I ate a Ring Pop in the ER and cried all night. Raw as hell.

Whenever people ask me about scars the first one I think of is the one on my left elbow that I got scraping it across the corner of the heater, which was hella sharp. It looks like stitches but it isn't which is pretty cool, although I found it more painful than interesting at the time. Another scar I have is on the underside of my right pinky toe, from when I fell up the stairs (yes, up) freshman year (I say that like it wasn't just one year ago) and split my toe open and my friends made me call EMS and even though I told them it was fine and I would deal with it, they made me go to the hospital and get three stitches (I asked for a fourth because I don't like the number three and four is my favorite number and the doctor wouldn't give it to me but I needed a fourth one anyway so sorry not sorry for making fun of him for being an intern). I also have a scar on my lip from when my dad threw the keys at me to catch, but I missed and they split my lip open. Besides that, I have a decent amount of other scars, considering I'm awful at being coordinating. I'm visiting a friend in Dallas as I type and yesterday we went somewhere and I tripped over the same speed bump both on the way inside the building and the way back to the car. We also went to the mall and I dropped something in every store. I don't know where I got a lot of my scars, but some of them include one on my left knee, a bunch on my stomach, and a few on my hands. I think not knowing about them gives them personality because they can be whoever they want. As a bonus, I also have a lot of burn marks. The one that took the longest to fade was when I jumped onto the bed in first grade and, right as my mom screamed "NO!" the hot iron fell onto my arm, which was totally burned and really painful and didn't fade for years (I think I had the iron shaped mark until sixth grade). Another burn mark I still have is from when I was curling my sisters hair a few years ago and she moved and the tip of the wand went straight into my arm, leaving a perfectly circular mark. As you can see, I'm a pretty clumsy person!

Because I am literally the clumsiest person I have ever met, I have scars pretty much every where. Both my knees and elbows are littered with cuts and scrapes, from falling off bikes and cutting myself on corners and the like. Of those, my favorite is a scar on my left knee that I got falling off a curb (I'm crying about how bad I am at life). However, the scars I think about most when anyone asks me about them are the ones on my forehead and left hand. My head has a small scar at the top of my nose right between my eyebrows, coming from a rug burn from falling on an inflatable jungle gym during Project Graduation (an all night program my school hosted the night of graduation). The scar always makes me laugh because it reminds me so much of high school, that is, it was fun but certainly left some unsightly marks. The second is the scar on the back of my left hand, it is long and is easily the most distinguishable of all my scars -- I got this years ago, when I was helping my mom pull out nails from my basement wall (the people that lived here last had to have had 100+ nails in the wall), i scratched myself on one nail and the scar hasn't faded since I got it.

Do you have any scars?
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  1. I have one under my chin from when I passed out getting a shot at the doctor's when I was about 13. I had a concussion and got some stitches.