Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life of a Blogger - Routines

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To be honest, I don't have much of a routine. I mean, there is some order in my life: I have a class schedule; I live by the bus schedule; I have pledge meetings at my sorority; I used to have regular dance rehearsals up until this weekend. Other than that, however, my life is pretty erratic. I don't have a regular sleep schedule since my classes are all over the place. I also don't have specific times I like to work on classwork, shower, or anything like that. I pretty much just do things whenever I feel like it or have time. Or when I have to - for example, I do my laundry when I run out of clean underwear. Basically, my life lacks structure and maybe I should add some...


As a commuter, routines are the bane of my existence. Wake up either at 7:30am or 9:00am to get on a train to go to my 9:30 or 11:00 class to begin the day, work through those classes, go to my clubs or meet with my advisers, come home, drop all my crap and repeat. It's more complicated than that, but generally a lot of my time is wasted on the routine things that I have to do, and its quite bothersome but there are some things which I enjoy. Like showering at midnight and doing laundry on Fridays. I like Fridays. No work. Nice, warm, new sheets. It's a glimmer of hope.

I also go through a buttload of T.V. shows in a routine and somewhat organized manner. Often I'm not home when they air, and if I am I'm busy, so I download the episodes and watch them later. So Thursday mornings, for example, are spent on the train, but also spent watching The 100 episodes. Likewise, Wednesday, my only-two-class day, is spent watching Gotham, Supernatural, The Flash, and Agent Carter, or whatever shows on Tuesday. It keeps me sane.

Generally with food I try to eat on the train? I pack most of what I need but I often end up buying something around 4pm from around the Washington Square area.

I hate routines. Long live the chaos and anarchy of summertime.


Like Kiersten, I'm not much of a routine person. The things I do routinely are things I have to do routinely. I go to class at the same time every week because that's how classes work. I take my medication every night because if I don't I'll have seizures and vomit six times in a day and get my roommates laundry without remembering it. I do normal people things like showering and tooth-brushing. I don't really do laundry very often because I can go a while without repeating clothes.

My club meetings are kindof routine but some of them conflict with other things I have to do, such as weekly service events for APO (the community service fraternity I'm in) so I try to switch it up and go to meetings some weeks and weeklies some others but I can't really keep it at a strict every other week schedule because it depends on whether the events are capped on the calendar and what's going on with the meetings, ya feel? APO (which I mentioned before, it stands for Alpha Phi Omega) meetings don't conflict with anything because they're at 9PM on Wednesdays so those are pretty routine.

I don't sleep or eat regularly (sometimes not even every day but I'm getting a lot better at that!) but every Wednesday after my 9 AM class, my friends from the class get lunch or breakfast or whatever it is and sit and chill for many hours until like 2 PM and there's usually a rotating cast of people joining us and it's pretty nice and that's a regular thing and my only really regular eating thing because other than that I just eat when the people I'm with are eating and I think it's been an adequate amount of hours since my last meal.

I've started making my bed and tidying up every day because some weird part of me is on a strange kick and I don't know when it's going to stop but I'm really feeling it.

Other than that I don't do much routinely other than stalk my future bae's every move...I mean what?????? 


I am also not much a routine person -- while I do everything on a routine that absolutely requires it (classes, club meetings, research, etc), I generally like to enjoy a certain amount of flexibility in terms of when I want to do things. I generally structure stuff on a day by day basis with to do lists and things but usually I use it just as a starting point for my day. While I most always get done what needs to get done (also like eating and showering and whatnot), it almost never happens in the same order every time.

I tend to like to do one thing for a long stretch of time, like I like to commit to studying one subject for a while or marathoning a tv show or dedicating multiple hours to doing things. I find that I'm so much more productive when I commit a long stretch of my day to a certain activity rather than trying to do bits and pieces of different things over that same stretch -- I'd rather write an essay in one shot than write a paragraph, read a chapter of a book, and then go over some vocab words. It would more or less be me dedicating a whole bit of time to the essay, and then time to the whole book, and then time to all of the vocab words.

I pretty much sporadically clean and fairly spontaneously decide when I'm going to be social and what have you, so routines kind of take a backseat in my life.

Also, not to worry, I know that Noor stalks my every move, not sure why she called me her "future" bae though :(

What are some of your routines?
Let us know in the comments!

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