Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life of a Blogger - Superpowers

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by Novel Heartbeat. This feature is designed to let readers and other bloggers get to know us on a more personal level by discussing non-bookish topics. This week's topic is...

What superpower would you chose?

Teleportation. There is absolutely no question about this in my opinion. I am a bit of a lazy person, who does not like to walk far to get places. I also hate having to wake up extra early to take the bus to class. Being able to teleport would cut down on time and effort required to get places. It's also SUPER CONVENIENT! If I missed the bus, I wouldn't have to wait for the next one or walk to class - I COULD JUST TELEPORT.

In summation, teleportation is the bomb.

Are there any limitations for this question? Can I choose omnipotence and omniscience? Granted, having the power to do and know everything seems extremely boring. When you can do anything, there's noting left to do, because what could you possibly have to want.

Obviously, I'm overthinking.

I think I would go with the Intersect from Chuck, a database interface uploaded to the brain which grants access to a lot o human knowledge, current human knowledge at least. It also can give you kung fu. As a kid and teenager watching Chuck, I always loved that, while Chuck, the main character, could do incredible things with the Intersect, like disarm a bomb with no previous knowledge of the science involved, the effects were temporary. Chuck always stayed regular Chuck, and had to train pretty hard to keep up with the rest of his team. A superpower that keeps the human aspect -- it was something I was always amazed by.What I'm saying is I'm not over the end of the show. Please bring Chuck back.

I have to pick just one?
Whenever the superpower question comes up I automatically default to mind reading as my number one choice, which I guess is pretty basic. I mean, reading minds isn't basic, I don't personally know anyone who can (although if they could I think they'd keep it a secret so the jury's out on that one), I just mean it's one of the more common ones to choose, not something weird and obscure. I used to always say it was a tie between mind reading and invisibility but mind reading won out so if you ever want to hear about why I think invisibility is second coolest let me know and I'll fill you in.

Anyway, I just always thought it would be so useful to read minds. I could have the upper hand in every situation. I've always been all about not necessarily having leverage but just not giving other people leverage over me, so the whole mind reading thing could ease many situations. And I like having power and being in control. And knowing things. Also, I figure it can't end too badly because I wouldn't go around digging up embarrassing secrets about people I didn't like and publicizing them and if I found out something I wasn't supposed to know about someone I'd probably just pretend not to know. I think I'd want selective mind reading so I couldn't hear everyone's thoughts all the time but just choose who to listen to at a particular moment. I also realize that sometimes the things you think aren't really the things you think (or feel). Like, I have weird daydreams and while a lot of them take place in crazy alternate reality situations, some of them are just imagined versions of real-life situations and if someone read my mind they might think I felt a certain way when I didn't so I get that there's drawbacks to every superpower. I just really like the idea of mind reading.

Time travel? Time travel. I could travel back to two days ago or two minutes ago and remedy awkward moments or visit old time periods or go see the future and check out different places at different times. I could learn so much just by existing in different times and I can't imagine anything that could be cooler than that. I want so much to travel in real life and adding another dimension of traveling through time seems like the coolest possible superpower I could have.

What superpower would you chose?
Let us know in the comments!

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