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Top Ten Tuesday - Fictional Crushes

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Here at We Live and Breathe Books, the bloggers rotate so that two of us choose five books each week. Since this week's topic is a freebie, we chose to do the topic...

Fictional crushes!

Marlon's Picks
  1. LEO VALDEZ -- The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan-- If I were sent to an abandoned, uncharted island (COUGH MOTHERFLIPPING COUGH COUGH, CALYPSO), I would take Leo Valdez with me and life would more or less be perfectly fine. Leo is funny and sassy and a bit timid but driven and caring and ugh I would marry the man for just his puns alone. It wasn't easy falling in love with Leo Valdez because at some point, I began to worry the character would be the goofy character trope, mauled and turned into some mature, tight, broken adult. I worried this mainly because the cast of HoO was getting pretty huge around Mark of Athena. But I was wrong. Leo's dynamic throughout the books, blossoming in his calm but passionate fire in the last book, is pretty swell.
  2. Josephine Montiliyet -- Dragon Age: Inquisition -- I fell in love with the Dragon Age writing team the moment I stepped foot into their world, Thedas. Though Thedas is abundant in wonderful characters, there are few as just plain damn good as Josie. Whether she's telling you about her family's dark past or she's gossiping about the rest of your team, she's always respectful, always kind, and very easy to fall in love with over a longish period of time. Thing is, it's very easy to miss how much depth Josie has -- if you're not thorough, she's just the cool-sounding dude who tries to get people to not kill you as often as they want to and also dresses well. Thankfully, you can actually romance her in the game, and get to know the awesomeness. 
  3. William Herondale -- The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare-- Will breaks my fragile little heart into pieces and then eats those pieces. He's broken and unhappy but fiercely loyal and protective of those he loves, though for most of his life (for spoilery reasons) he is unable to be around anyone he loves but his parabatai. HE'S HOT, TOO. Or at least, literally all the fan art tells me he's hot. What's not to love? Will destroyed me the first time I read The Infernal Devices. Totally wrecked me. But not in a bad way. Like with Josephine, I just wanted him to have a good life so godamn much because the world is falling apart and he is good. In addition, he loves A Tale of Two Cities. This is my favorite piece of literature. Also his mouth is my favorite piece of literature. He's hilarious. Rest in beautiful hell, Will.
  4. TOPH BEI FONG -- Avatar: The Last Airbender -- TOPH FOREVER. Okay so when I was like 13, Toph was my frigging hero. I looked up to her and in that process of watching her grow from the angry little girl trying to get away from her parents to the grumpy earthbending master, I fell in love. Toph is not easy to love, as I'm sure her (probably) many lovers found out, because she will eat you up and spit you out and then earthbend you to the moon and maybe blow it up. She'll do that. Toph is great. I love Toph. Nothing needs to be said.
  5. Avatar Korra -- The Legend of Korra -- On the topic of awesome Avatar girls (every Avatar girl, obviously), there's Korra. My god. Watching Korra grow as a person throughout the four chapters of life tore me up. She begins just monstrously energetic and fascinated with the world and afraid of nothing and she is the bomb. Literally. She is a firebender at heart -- whenever she feels any emotions, any at all, she explodes. But Korra grows as the world teaches her fear and she is slowly broken by it. However, Korra's willingness to never let herself down completely and to seek help wherever she goes, even from those who have harmed her. . . that won me over. Also she's a cute little baby in the spirit world and yes. Also she's super strong and my god that bod hello. 

Amrutha's Picks
  1. William freakin' Darcy -- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen -- THIS WAS THE FIRST (well, most important first) FICTIONAL LOVE OF MY LIFE -- Ever since I read the baby version of Pride and Prejudice, I have been in love with Darcy's pride, personal growth, and genuine care for others. It was Darcy that opened me up to the possibility of falling in love with a fictional character. 
  2. James Potter -- The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling -- First of all, I understand James was made for Lily. Second of all, I know that there isn't that much information provided about him in the series. But in a way, the description of him making fun of some guy and then maturing into an adult and all the fanfiction about how him and Lily got together just prompted me to believe that James was the true love of my life. I mean, Ron and Draco both get their love from me too, but James is incredibly idealized to me.
  3. Iggy (James Griffiths) -- The Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson -- While Iggy wasn't dark and brooding and in need of help, he provided a lovely sense of light to a series that once soared and then fell into an abyss of terrible. He is adorable and sturdy and can cook and has a hilarious sense of humor. Also he can fly and that's pretty damn rad. 
  4. Gilbert Blythe -- Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Montgomery -- Good god this man is perfect. He literally would have the ability to sweep a wall of it's feet. He's smart and charming and caring and kind and also really handsome and dashing and think of any positive word and it probably applies to this man. Yes on every level.
  5. Jack Connelly -- Shug by Jenny Han -- This kid is 12, but that being said, when I was 12, and the 12 year old me that exists within me and in a parallel universe all love Jack. He's the boy that made fun of you or pulled your hair but had your back when you need it, and I really wish there would be a sequel to Shug just for Jack. 

Who are your fictional crushes?
Let us know in the comments!

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