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Life of a Blogger - Achievements

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by Novel Heartbeat. This feature is designed to let readers and other bloggers get to know us on a more personal level by discussing non-bookish topics. This week's topic is...


Achievements. I suppose I have some. I also suppose that achievements are something relative to how you see them, so here goes nothing.

One recent achievement that I was really proud of was pulling off all the shows I worked on last semester. On top of taking a full course load, I designed two shows (with one of them involving A TON of alterations to the pieces) and stepped up from assistant to designer on a show within a month of the opening. The last of those three was definitely the most challenging since I was thrown into the process and had to work really fast. There were also over 150 different looks in the show, so it was really crazy and I'm very proud of myself for pulling it off.

Maintaining a high GPA in life is something I've always strived for and been proud of. In high school I graduated 11th in my class, which was cool. Now I'm still maintaining a high GPA, although I'm trying to get it even higher.

Honestly, I'm really proud of all the work I do here on We Live and Breathe Books. I feel as though having this blog with people who actually want to read what we have to say is such an achievement and I'm really thankful for my co-bloggers (even though they are sometimes difficult to work with) and everyone who reads this blog. You guys are the coolest.

Also, one thing that I was really proud of achieving was my senior year of high school at my last dance competition. At the competition, I received a Platinum (the highest medal type, which depends on score, at the specific competition) and I placed fifth overall. I never thought of myself as the most amazing dancer but I had always wanted to get the highest medal at a competition so I was really happy that I was able to before graduating.

I'm sure there are more, minor achievements, but I think I've talked enough about myself for one blog post.

I don't really have many achievements I can easily think of but I guess I can try?

I've logged over a thousand hours playing Kingdom Hearts games

I have a pretty high overall GPA? That's something I'm pretty hyped about. The past couple of years have been kind of a roller coaster of soul searching and lots of bad decisions but also some awesome stuff. I realize that grades shouldn't define someone but I sort of live for that validation that I'm keeping up academically.

I once ate eight I-hop pancakes in one sitting. Also I am good at cuddling.

I am currently in NYU's CUPSI team for 2015 and also it's treasurer. I find this actually incredible. I haven't written a lot of poetry the last few months and I never thought I'd be slamming in CUPSI, because I watch Button Poetry religiously and I am often crushed by it. So what mixture of left over teenage angst and random words got me here? Idk???? But I'm excited!

I am a pretty laid back person, and it's taken me a while to achieve this level of not giving a damn but I am here. I have climbed this mountain.

Well that's all for me I guess?

I don't think I've really achieved much ever??? Like this is gonna be really short compared to my usual rambles considering I'm pretty bad at life.

Okay, so this one is a personal achievement that I want to keep up but it's staying on the Dean's List! That means maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher (I don't know if it's different for different schools, but that's what it is for TCNJ). This past semester was really tough for me for a lot of reasons and it kindof kicked my butt and I honestly didn't have an idea of how I was going to do in any of my classes (except one) until after I submitted the finals, so that was nerve-wracking on it's own. Was I getting straight A's or straight D's? I didn't know and not for lack of keeping tabs on my grades. There was a lot of weird stuff that went on with my classes last semester. I've never been that stressed in my life and my mental health has never been in such a disastrous state. However, I survived and my GPA wasn't too badly wounded and I want to make sure I stay on the Dean's List for semesters to come, for my own personal sense of accomplishment mostly.

I just messaged a group chat of some of my friends asking what my achievements were because I couldn't think of them and the first thing one of my friends said was "not sleeping for a week." I don't think that counts as an achievement but I'm just gonna leave it here.

The next thing my friend told me I achieved (I think most of the things I'm going to write are things my friends told me because I can't really think of myself in terms of "hey look how awesome and accomplished you are") is "writing killer poetry and winning competitions." I don't really think my poetry is all that good and by winning competitions I don't mean like hella intense national level competitions I just sometimes read poetry at like school events or local events and sometimes there are places involved and sometimes I win or place? I don't know it's all pretty weird to me, like last week someone (who I don't actually know so I don't know how she heard that I do poetry) messaged me asked me to read at some charity event and I was like "woah? why do people want me to do thing???? am not good at thing???????" Who knows, man. Who knows.

Last, but not least, my other friend in the group chat said "At least Noor isn't lame" and the friend who gave the suggestions from earlier replied "Yeah Noor is super cool" and then my third friend said "If I could describe Noor in one word it would be Hella"and honestly, that's probably the biggest achievement of them all. Even though I maintain that I am pretty lame, but like, in the raddest way possible. But yeah, being not-lame (or being lame to the point of hilarity), especially in the eyes of the people who matter most to you, is what really counts, awards and trophies be damned.

(I probably have other random academic or other "normal" achievements I could think of if I tried but I think it's more fun to read about these so this is what you're getting. Peace out cub scouts.)

???????????? I'm twelve. I don't have achievements???????????? Sometimes I manage to function semi-normally and I celebrate those rare days because nothing is more of an achievement to me. There are a few blue moon moments in which I make a joke which is funny and those are really the cherished moments of my life.

Like Kiersten, I'm really proud of my dance accomplishments, but more specifically, graduating from my dance school. I graduated after starting to do Indian Classical dance when I was 4 years old, so its by far the thing I have stuck by the longest and the graduation ceremony is a 3 hour solo performance and wow I just can't believe that happened. This was honestly just a fab time in my life.

Another big accomplishment for me was first semester of college I managed to weasel my way into a graduate level research project and as a freshman that was a pretty big deal for me. I just felt like college-things were really falling into place so I'm really happy about that.

To be quite honest I try not to look at mini things that I achieve (like grades or other random stuff) as achievements worth writing about because I like to reserve my pride and sense of achievement for big things that I feel are especially awesome so I don't get too content with minor stuff.

What are some of your achievements?
Let us know in the comments!

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