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Review: Prom Impossible - Laura Pauling

Prom Impossible
Laura Pauling
Series: Prom Impossible, #1
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Word Rating: So much fun!
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I got a review copy of Prom Impossible a few months ago from Xpresso Book Tours, and, since I am the worst person ever, I completely forgot about it until after I was already supposed to have reviewed it and I felt really bad so I read it right away. So here's my review, two weeks late since I'm the lamest person ever.

Anyway, now that I'm done with my self loathing, onto my thoughts about Prom Impossible!

From the very start of the book it's clear that Cassidy has a plan - make it through senior year and attend the prom with her soulmate, Michael, who may not know he's her soulmate. Along the way, there are many bumps in the metaphorical road! Cassidy has to attend a sort of reform-summer-camp while her friends all hang out, Michael continues to be clueless to her affection, and there's a new divide between her and her friends. The story starts out at the beginning of the summer after Cassidy's junior year and ends after her senior prom, and throughout the story, Cassidy has to work her way through some troublesome situations while figuring out why things never seem to turn out how she wants.

Cassidy is definitely an interesting main character. Quite frankly, she kind of seems like a pathological liar a lot of the time - girl just can't manage to tell the truth! Even when it would be so much easier than her convoluted schemes! Sometimes I wanted to reach into the book and shake her and yell at her, "JUST TELL THE TRUTH! USE YOUR BRAIN! STOP!" However, at the same time, her ridiculous schemes were very amusing and kind of charming. Cassidy is a character with a lot of heart. While most of her disappointment is self inflicted, you've got to appreciate how much she tries (even if her efforts don't make any sense).

Besides Cassidy, there were definitely a wide variety of characters. There is a "nerdy" character who wears elf ears regularly in public, a jock who isn't so bright, a former bad boy trying to be a friend, a rich cousin who pretty much rules the popular crowd, a girl hellbent on making Cassidy miserable, a twin brother who is especially good at getting girls to love him, and a bunch more! With this spectrum of personalities, it's no wonder how wacky the story can get. I had a lot of fun seeing how Cassidy interacted with all of these characters.

Overall, Prom Impossible was so much fun! It was a relatively light, fluffy read, and I was enjoying it so much the whole time that I couldn't stop reading. I definitely recommend this book to lovers of fun romance, especially if you liked Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress (aka my favorite book ever)(review here). So, yea, if you like fun, read Prom Impossible!

- Kiersten

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