Monday, May 20, 2013

When my mom lets me tag along for grocery shopping (Wegmans), I immediately bolt for the book aisle. And I proceed to just stand there with my arms crossed and my eyes fervent for the duration of her mom-things. . . .

I glance at the harshly backlit magazines and my eyes skim over the cookbooks to the novels. I scan the shelves, the names of new YA and Fantasy titles twisting together in my head. And I just stare. 

It is as if I cannot comprehend what next to do. I am stuck, drowning in the decision . . . questions flutter about me, attempting to snap me out of my daze. Aren't you tired of gushy romance? Why not some Sci Fi? They don't have the first installment . . . should you buy it anyway?  Until that moment where Mom's suddenly calling for me and I'm bloody hesitant because what if I offend the other books by choosing only one? What do I --

Too late.  She's being rung up by the cashier. So I FINALLY haphazardly wrest a book to sneak into the cart.

Books are food and I am always starving.

- Marlon

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