Monday, June 27, 2016

Recap: B-Fest 2016 / Ivory and Bone Launch

For the first time this year, Barnes and Noble did a nationwide weekend long event called B-Fest Teen Book Festival. I was instantly intrigued by this when I found out about it because it meant that there would be a bookish event nearby. I ended up going to the first event at my local BN and then I went about an hour away to go to the location that was having the Ivory and Bone launch party as part of B-Fest day two.

Since there really isn't much to talk about for day one (there was a quiz), I'll talk more about day two! The first thing that happened that day was a sampler giveaway, which was cool if you like samplers (I personally don't). While the plan was to go to this particular BN because of the Ivory and Bone launch, an added bonus was that they had an additional panel of authors earlier in the day that featured Claire LeGrand, Megan McCafferty, and Leanna Hieber.

I ended up really enjoying this panel a lot! Not only were the authors really fun, but it was cool to hear their writing and publishing journeys. Since B-Fest is, in part, targeted towards young writers, I think it was particularly fitting and helpful for the young writers in the crowd. Also, listening to the panel made me even more interested in these authors' books - had to add a few more to my already lengthy TBR!

After the panel, there was a spelling bee, but I can't spell, so I skipped out on that one. Instead, Sloth was up to his usual shenanigans around the store...

Shortly after that was the Ivory and Bone launch party with Sarah J. Maas as a special guest!

It turns out that Sarah J. Maas and Julie Eshbaugh have been friends for a while, and the panel was so much fun. I always love panels with Sarah J. Maas, but her rapport with Julie Eshbaugh was particularly amusing and fun. I didn't know much about Ivory and Bone before going to the event, but I'm really interested in checking it out now!

Overall, I really enjoyed B-Fest! I feel like not everyone would be able to have the same experience I had since the authors/events at each location differed - maybe staggering the weekends for different locations would allow more author events at all the different stores - but I think the idea behind it was great and I hope that Barnes and Noble continues it next year.

- Kiersten

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