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Review: Love, Lex - Avery Aster

Love, Lex
Avery Aster
Series: The Undergrad Years, #1
Genre: Young Adult, More-like-adult-romance
Rating: -7 (0) out of 5 stars
Word Rating: Literally repulsive
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I received this book for the exchange of an honest review.

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish this book, because it was honestly just so awful. The writing is sad, the characters drive me nuts, the plot is all over the place.

The book begins with Alexandra Easton, or Lex, who is apparently so chubby that her boyfriend tells her she needs to lose weight before he dare have sex with her. lol. what. Okay, so this girl who is apparently going to Columbia in the fall and has movie star parents has a low enough self esteem to sit there and take this kind of emotional abuse. Alright, I guess. So then, when she's finally getting close to losing the weight necessary to lose her "Lady V" (virginity), she comes home, to find what? Her mom and boyfriend going at it. I guess after this her (whatever was left of her) self respect kicked in, and she decides to dump her boyfriend.

Now comes the real kicker. After she breaks up with her boyfriend, for no real reason, she decides to burn a dress and some pictures in the bathroom OF A NEW YORK CITY PENTHOUSE. Clearly little Miss Columbia isn't as smart as we thought. Anyway, I guess her mom had 02 tanks around her house to help with her youth and beauty or some equivalent bullshit, and boom, her house blows up, and Lex and her friends are arrested.

While she's getting arrested, by the way, she flirts with the cop.

Because after a few weeks of trying, I was unable to finish the book, I figured I'd skip to the last few chapters to find out if the book had a chance of getting any better. Hint: it didn't, it turned into some sick version of mommy porn that no one should ever have to be subjected to reading.

I'll tell you right now, don't read this book if you want your eyesight to work fully afterwards. The poor writing style combined with the way too out there plot and the most annoying characters on the planet manifests itself in this book, Love, Lex. Hopefully I am able to avoid all Avery Aster books in the process.

This book is marked DNF, for did not finish. (Note: This is the first book in over 6 years I have not finished).

I received this book for the exchange of an honest review.

- Amrutha

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