Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stuffed Animal Saturday [12]

Stuffed Animal Saturday is a meme that we post here at We Live and Breathe Books to showcase the book we're currently reading with one of our favorite stuffed animals and discuss our stuffed animal's opinion (well, it's really our opinion, but that's besides the point). We hope you enjoy our quirky feature as much as we enjoy writing it!

Hi guys! I know I haven't posted in a while, but now that college and future plans have all been figured out for me, I will be back regularly! This week, Sally (my American Girl Doll) and I have been enjoying Shredded, by Karen Avivi! Sally has always been an avid reader, but never before has she read about girls who fearlessly ride BMX. So far, she's liking the characters (Sally is all about independent women) and can't wait to see how the book turns out.

Sally loves strong female leads just as much as she loves romance, and she knows that this book is so far combining both fantastically.

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