Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Divergent Makeup Collection

If you couldn't tell by all my Cover Cosmetic posts, I'm kind of into makeup. Naturally, when I saw that Divergent was putting out a makeup collection as promotion for the movie, I HAD TO HAVE IT. And the nail set too. Obviously.

So here are some pictures of the makeup collection. I have to say, the packaging of this is simply stunning! The box pictures the ferris wheel from when the Dauntless initiates play capture the flag and it has these sort of holographic strips that make it shine.

Inside the box, there are three eyeshadow palettes, a face palette, four lip glosses, and a double ended brush - one side being a face brush and the other an eyeshadow blending brush that's really great for the crease.

The three eyeshadow palettes are named after the three factions that Tris had an aptitude for: Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite. The palettes consist of 4 plain eyeshadow colors and one super shimmer on the side. The part containing the 4 colors has a mirror in the top.




These are all the super shimmery colors (from Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite, respectively).

The super shimmery colors on the side of each palette actually detach and can be swapped between the different palettes.

The face palette comes with two blushes, a highlight, and a bronzer. This palette also has a mirror built into the top.

Here are the four lip glosses. From left to right: Fear Not, Natural Virtue, Supreme Ritual, and Temptation's Choice.

Onto the nail set! This is the outside packaging of the nail polish set as well as a view of the polishes outside of the packaging. Once again, the box features the ferris wheel motif. The colors of the polish are a bit distorted in the image so here are some descriptions along with the names. Midnight Calm - a dark navy, almost black; Violet Abnegation - a purple-ish gray; Opal Compassion - shimmery gray with a purple shift; True Pearl - shimmery white with a blue / pink shift; Neutral Lace - nude; Evolve - clear with multi-color glitter.

The nail set also comes with these sort of "nail tattoos" that work similar to temporary tattoos. They feature several iconic images like the ferris wheel, the birds, and the dauntless symbol as well as several other prints that match the nail polishes. There are instructions on how to use them in the bag.

Overall, I think the collection is really great. The packaging is absolutely stunning and totally spot on. I haven't had an opportunity to use all of the colors yet, but from what I've used and swatched, the colors are really great and pretty well pigmented. The colors I've used have applied very smoothly as well and I think the set offers a great variety. My biggest complaint, I'd have to say, is actually in some of the theme-y ness of the set. The palettes are named after the factions and the colors sort of fit those descriptions but the naming of the shadows within the palettes is kind of random. I think it might have been more interesting for the collection, or at least as another separate palette, to have some more vibrant colors that reflect all of the factions. The names could have been a bit more creative too, rather than just slapping an adjective that fits a faction in front of a color name. As for the shimmery colors, these definitely can't be applied as they are - they are VERY glittery. Applying wet or using a glitter base would probably help to make them really stick. As for color, I wish Transform and Chose weren't so similar. There is a distinct difference between the silver sheen and gold sheen of the two, but they are so similar to each other in comparison to the black and gold that is Diverge. The brush is also a pretty good quality. I like the crease brush but I kind of wish it was two separate brushes since the face brush sort of weighs it down. For all the stuff you get and the great quality, I think the set is definitely worth the $59.50 it'll put you back. The collection can be purchased here.

As for the nail set, I haven't had an opportunity to use the polishes yet, but I think there is a nice variety of colors that can be mixed a bunch of different ways. I also really like the decals, although I wish there was more of the themed ones. With how much is provided, it's really only enough to use one of the designs for two accent nails before the whole thing is gone (unless, for example, you cut out small pieces of the bird pattern). The one thing I really love about this, so far, is how DIVERGENT is cut out across the front. I like how the top half of the lettering is all cut out so you can see the nail polish through it. The nail set is $27.50 - I can't quite speak on whether or not I feel this is worth it yet, but I'll definitely touch on it more on Friday after I try the polishes out. The nail set can be purchased here.

Along with the collection and the nail set, there is also a multi-piece palette available for $32.50 here.

A week of Divergent makeup!

As a celebration / in anticipation of the movie coming out THIS FRIDAY, I'll be posting a different faction inspired eye shadow look every day on Twitter (@wlabb) and then I'll put them all in a post on Friday with a description (just like a Cover Cosmetics post). I'm going to mostly use products from the Divergent collection but I'll be using some other products as well. Make sure to check them all out!

- Kiersten

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the Divergent movie?
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