Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sundays with Sam - The Sunday Post

Sundays with Sam is a combination of Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

My Week in Review

Another week, and not much to report. Though, I am enjoying the cool air coming in through my window right now. It's the best part of getting up early in the morning. I had a bunch of work meetings this week, and did some training, so I can help out in a different way next week. I also won a book from one of the BookCon giveaways. I was VERY excited about it, since it was a CWW book for me. I hope I get it soon. 
I am actually going to venture out for the first time in almost two weeks. Going to have to put some shoes on... 

I find it ironic, that my least favorite islander is always doing stuff, that pleases me. He sits in the sitting spots, and look at how he's reading all the time. 

This was Tabby's last day on Myopia. Yes, I want Olaf to move, but Tabby moved instead. We did a little whale watching (L), this bench popped up in the plaza, so Vesta and I chatted a bit, and then I noticed Tabby sleeping up on the cliff, which amused me. 

I visited Kiersten one day to check out her new Mulan inspired outdoor space. You have to understand, when the Mulan movie came out, my daughter changed her name to Kiersten-Mulan for almost a full year. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she has such a lovely Mulan nook on her island (top). I can never leave Kiersten's island without visiting Poppy. She's the cutest! (bottom L) Then I frolicked in a field of flowers, and checked out Kiersten's fishing trophy, since I haven't won one yet.  (bottom C, R)

Let's Discuss!
  • Jackie wonders if it matters when intended audience changes during a series
  • The Orangutan Librarian asks what even is an "important book"
  • Shruti wants to know how your reading has changed during lockdown

On the Blog:
  • Monday: One Old, One New: Abbi Waxman
  • Tuesday: TTT - Look What I Found Here!
  • Wednesday: CWW - Now That I've Found You, Little & Lion
  • Thursday: Blog Tour - The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth
  • Friday: Discussion - TBR Trials and Tribulations


It was a slow week here. I have been nabbing a LOT of new releases from the library, but only one new ARC. This was a CWW book, so I am hoping it lives up to my expectations. 


Now & When by Sara Bennett Wealer

What I Read Last Week

Not a bad week. I did set two books aside, but then I read Today Tonight and Tomorrow, and all was forgotten. I really needed a super fun romance, and Solomon did such a beautiful job with this book. I smiled and laughed so much, and I shed lots of happy tears. I am glad I finally made time for A Heart in a Body in the World. It was phenomenal. 


What I Am Currently Reading

What I Plan to Read

How was your week?
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